8 Years a Father

8 Years a Father

8 Years a Father.

Before I had a kid, my friends who were already parents would always tell me, “Watch how fast time flies.” I never truly believed them because we were all still friends during the same time period, how much faster could time go? LOL

Fast forward eight years today from the greatest moment of my life, and life truly has flashed with ludicrous speed.  In the eight years I’ve had the honor of being the dad to the most awesome kid on Earth, my life has been through things I’d never imagine.  For every misstep I’ve ever taken, for every crap moment I’ve caused, for every emotion I’ve ever conveyed…it’s all worth it, for her.

As a dad, I’ve grown so much, it’s hard to quantify it in words.  The things I thought I needed to live are now deemed meaningless.  The things I thought I wanted in life are mere afterthoughts today.  Watching a little person grow and blossom into such an awesome spirit is a testament to God, her mom, her grandmothers, her aunties and uncles (blood or not), her teachers and most importantly, myself.

I don’t really toot my own horn too much but damnit, if I can’t TODAY, about MY KID…then I will never have the chance (LOL). She is the sweetest, kindest, well-mannered kid imaginable along with being a great scholar.  She’s also becoming a huge sports fan (self sice) which I thoroughly enjoy obviously.  For better or for worse, she wears her emotions on her sleeve just like her dad.

People tell me all the time “Dion, your a great dad!” or “You’re doing a great job.” and that’s good and dandy, but at the same time, that’s what I’m supposed to do.  I’m supposed to be the man in her life, to set that example, for all other men that will eventually enter her life, to follow.  I’m not doin’ this for the likes because that’s what social media is all about right? But what about the times we don’t choose to document? Am I doing a good job then and does it even matter? I hate that “good parenting” and life in general is judged by some by social media but I do understand that’s just how life is in 2016.

Even though I like to fancy myself as a writer, I’m really not.  I’m just a man with a computer with the ability to convey his thoughts on Microsoft Word.  I sometimes find it difficult to invoke clearly and precisely what exactly I want to say at times, but I never have to worry about that with my daughter.  She completed me….I need her….and she needs me.


Happy Birthday “Stink”


Daddy love you…but you already know that!

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