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“You are now rocking with the BEST!” – Jay-Z  
What’s up everyone and welcome to Champagne in the Locker Room!

*CiTLR…some days, we might just call it “Champagne”.

Now you might be saying to yourself , “C’mon bro, ANOTHER sports blog?” Give me a minute to explain. CiTLR will basically be sports-focused, but we’re going to tackle any and everything relevant to us (“urban” folks). That might be pop culture, movies, video games, comedy, music, relationships, current events, politics and whatever else we feel like talking about, through OUR voice, no holds barred.

CiTLR will eventually have podcasts (maybe even LIVE ones so watch out!), all from a POV not normally touched by mainstream media, the young(er) urban experience.

My name is Dion, some know me as “Diego”, I’m the founder of CiTLR, but I’ve enlisted about 10 of my pals from all walks of life who will contribute to the site as well…we’re talking about award winning journalists, lifestyle experts, community activists, self made entrepreneurs, gaming/tech/movie nuts, sports fans, a pastor, musicians and a few party animals…you know, your standard collection of regular joes and women who are equipped to hang with the best of em.

The dream behind CiTLR is to have a site that encompasses our own urban experience from people who aren’t normally the tastemakers and orators for us. We hope you nod your head in agreement with us, shake your fist in anger at us, scream out “*&@# YEAH!” when we’re talking that talk, shed a gangster tear or two (but no more than two, gangsters don’t cry THAT much) and everything in between. We all aren’t trained journalists, but we have something that to needs to be said and we will say it.

…so with no further ado, welcome to CHAMPAGNE IN THE LOCKER ROOM!!!!





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