Album Review: Kanye West – The Life Of Pablo

Album Review: Kanye West – The Life Of Pablo

Kanye, Kanye, wherefore art thou?

The Life Of Pablo, Kanye West’s 7th solo album adds to the shaky back end of the career of a former titan of the rap game.

In my view, there are two different Kanye Wests.

‘First Three Albums Kanye’, and ‘Back End Kanye’.

TLOP is absolutely ‘Back End Kanye’.

The album starts off with one of the few highlights of the effort. Ultralight Beam with it’s church inspired music and vocals pretty much sets a false tone for what it is we are in for with the CD. At least the next two tracks, which both feature some artist absolutely biting the talent void artist Future, are forgetful. Then comes “Famous”. A song with a great guest appearance by RiRi, and a now rare solid effort by Swizz Beats. Yet Kanye seems to bring the song down with lackluster verses and pettiness regarding TayTay Swift .

Next track, “Feedback” made my ears bleed. “Highlights” reminds us of one of the worse things to ever happen to Kanye, which is AutoTune. He also goes on to bite styles of Drake and Mike Jones all in one verse. “Freestyle 4” is void anything worth remembering. No on second thought, the stupidity of the song is quite memorable. Also the return of “Fake Future Guy”. Sheesh. Next up, the cute little “I Love Kanye” which actually shows a little self awareness is present somewhere within the hollow, insecure, little man once known as The Louis Vuitton Don. “Waves” Featuring Chris Brown is another case of great music, great feature, bad Kanye. On “FML”, I honestly couldn’t get past the elementary cadence which he raps.

“Real Friends” is maybe the lone trace of “First Three Albums Kanye” in this entire effort, or lack there of. He speaks of relatable issues for once using a competent flow. “Wolves”, ugh. Next up, my personal favorite track, which is merely an interlude featuring a jail call from The Boss Don himself, The Wavy One, The Silver Surfer, Max B aka Max Biggavelli.

Free the wave!

Unless of course he did it, in that case, keep him on ice.

Anyhow, Kendrick Lamar destroyed him on a track, he mad a bleached asshole reference, and vowed for no more parties in LA. Do I have to keep going at this point? To sum up the album, I’ll quote my good pal and featured contributor to this very website, Mike Madison. “God, man. If you told me this was the same guy that did ‘Late Registration’ I’d call you a liar to your face”.

My exact sentiment. Kanye just isn’t lyrically up to snuff. He has regressed enough on the mic that it really deserves mentioning.  Sadly, he is the weak link on multiple tracks on TLOP. Makes you wonder if ghostwriters weren’t in the budget this time around. What we got a lackluster album from a petty, insecure, petulant man who is a mere shell of himself.

Fourth straight disappointing album by Ye. This one however, may be the low point of a once projected illustrious career. Waves don’t die, unfortunately careers do. “I Miss The Old Kanye” indeed.


4/10 Rating

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