Almost Christmas Movie Review

Almost Christmas Movie Review

Well, it’s November. And you know what that means, it’s almost Christmas. Which means it’s that time of year for the next run of the mill, cliche black Christmas movie. The latest in this realm is Almost Christmas.

I saw it, thus me being here to tell you if you should as well.

Some of you may know me as Smitty The Hater. In full disclosure, one of the things on my endless list of things I hate in the world is black cinema. Not that I hate black people, (I have black friends and children) it’s just that I find it so unfulfilling. The movies normally suck in the grand scheme of cinema.

As for Almost Christmas, let me tell you. I enjoyed this movie a great deal. The main gist of this movie is a family, lead by a recently widowed patriarch (Danny Glover), convening for Christmas for the first time since the loss of the family matriarch. So yeah, the exact opposite of EVERY other black movie, which is centered around the matriarch.

See, because normally in black cinema, black men either tragically die, abandon their family, or go to jail – kind of like real life – but much more exaggerated. In an effort to not give any of the movie away, I won’t go into any more plot deets (that’s hipster slang for details). However the movie hums¬†along and you’re introduced to the rest of the family. The cast assembled for this movie was commendable. Monique, JB Smoove, Kimberly Elise, also¬†commonly known as the fourth chick from “Set It Off”, Gabrielle Union (my god she’s so overrated), Omar Epps, and more.



Yes, this movie contained multiple overdone black movie tropes. Yes this movie heavy-handedly attempted to pull at your “black” heartstrings. Yes, this movie had some entertainer that has no business on being on the silver screen. But most importantly, yes this movie made me laugh my thin hairline off. Monique, and JB Smoove were absolute Co-MVPs of this flick. Both delivered laugh inducing moments and one-liners at a furious pace. I would have been perfectly fine with more of those two.

All in all, the movie wasn’t perfect. Many of the secondary plot lines didn’t connect with the viewer like I’m sure they were intended. The acting wasn’t amazing by any stretch. And while they deviated from some of the common tropes in these type of movies, there were still plenty of remnants of black cinema stereotypes.

But you know what, I was thoroughly entertained. I was ready to go home, and invite my family over, cook, and pour up. But most importantly, I was ready to invite my family to meet up and go to see this movie when it releases on November 11th. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my recommendation. Pick up your mom, your dad, your side piece, whoever, and go check out this funny, entertaining, black cinematic, holiday flick.

Besides just remember, Mary J. Blige could have been in it. So yeah, it could always be worse.

I give this movie 3/5 Sweet Potato Pies. No Patty pies, but Mama’s pies.

Go check it out folks. A fun time, indeed.

Smitty out.



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