Anything is KIMPOSSIBLE. From Germany With Gains – Local Legends and International Heroes

Anything is KIMPOSSIBLE. From Germany With Gains – Local Legends and International Heroes


Huzzah True Believers.  Thank you for tuning in to another exciting action packed and phenomenal Fitness episode of Indomitable.  Today I have another special interview for you.  If you noticed, I started this column within a column with the tagline “international heroes.” Why did I do that you asked? Well, fitness is global is if not intergalactic even.  Today we have a spectacularly special guest all the way from Germany!  That’s right, CiTLR is “cross country flexing.”

Today we will speaking with my homegirl, the wise, the amazing, and inspirational Miss Kimberly on Instagram.  Yes…the legend herself.  How do I know her?  Well heroes know heroes.  Is it impossible for the King of Wakanda to know who Captain Marvel is?  Is it a stretch for the mighty Thor to know who She-Hulk is? No, of course not. Kim is a trainer and emerging fitness presence online.  She’s had incredible personal results and is a certified personal trainer.  She constantly takes clients online as well.  Kim is also supercool. As in save the galaxy on my super team cool. With that being said, let’s get to it.

1) Hey Kim!  How long have you been working out? What prompted you to start and take an interest in health and fitness

I first signed up with a gym at the age of 14, which is 11 years ago, because I was overweight and my doctor had advised me to lose weight. I have been working out consistently since then, but frankly I had no idea what I was doing until about 2013. That is when I started researching about exercising and nutrition as well as experimenting at the gym. In 2013, I saw a transformation post of a bikini competitor and I realized that I too have the power to change my body shape.

2) Do you have a personal workout philosophy and style?  What are your favorite exercises, and why?

I believe in consistency. There will be ups and downs, but as long as you keep on going, you are winning! I push myself as hard as possible in every single workout session and change up my routine every 4 to 6 weeks. I also work on one of my weaknesses in regards to exercises every day, additionally to my regular workout. My favorite exercise is deadlifting in all variations. It makes me feel like a super hero.

Flex on ’em Kim!!!!

3) I remember when you posted Yoga videos.  How big is Yoga in your fitness routine.  Why did you choose to do Yoga?

Whenever I did Yoga, I always felt calm and “zen’d out.” Did you feel the same?

I haven’t done Yoga in quite some time, so right now it is not part of my routine. From this week on, I will start incorporating it once a week though. Yoga is both a form of relaxation as well as body weight exercise for me, not to mention a great stretching session. It always gives me some kind of inner peace.

4) What were the biggest challenges upon your quest? Did you ever have any setbacks? If so how did you handle them?  What drives you to keep going? How do you handle your diet? How do you use nutrition to hit your fitness goals? Do you ever indulge in fun foods?

I have had so, so many setbacks. My biggest issue is nutrition because I love food more than life itself. I love chocolate, fries, burgers, cake and everything you can think of. It has been a while since I had such a setback though. I have been telling myself to prioritize. My health and fitness are more important to me than temporary culinary pleasure =) But I also found a way to turn my favorite cheat meals into healthy meals. That makes everything a lot easier. I do indulge in fun foods every now and then, but I still do portion control.

Kim’s own personal transformation

5) What inspired you to become a trainer? What have been the most rewarding aspects of that decision?

I have talked to so many people, who want to make a change but don’t know where to start. I want to help them and more importantly educate them, so they won’t need to work with a personal trainer for the rest of their lives. All of my clients experienced a moment of enlightenment, when they realized they can be healthier, feel healthier, be more confident and believe in themselves. That has by far been the most rewarding.

Helping the people. Kim showing the way to many.

6) You’ve also traveled a bit from Germany to the USA, and probably other places too. Is the overall fitness scene different in Germany than here in the States?

The fitness scene in Germany is not as big as in the States which is why most of my clients are located in the U.S. However, I hope I can be part of changing that.

From her gym in Germany, McFit. This is pretty cool.  It’s a spin room with a screen from something like Mario Cart.  If I could bike I would do this and I personally don’t care for Cardio machines.  This is dope right here. Looks like fun.

7) You do online coaching and challenges.  I think that’s awesome.  How did you get started in doing that? How do you promote yourself?

Online coaching is an amazing method of helping people over a distance and helping people who do not have a lot of free time. I am a huge fan of foreign cultures as well therefore I am always excited to have new clients from overseas as I usually learn something from them too. I promote my services on Instagram. Social media is a great platform to network and interact with people all over the world. I want to post workout videos soon as well and hope that those might help some of my followers with their own workout routines.

8) What inspires you for greatness in fitness and in life?  Are you a reader (if so what books?), are you spiritual? Family and people oriented?  I feel like your positive energy leaps from the internet lol.

I think it is amazing to find inspiration and motivation within self. External sources are great too. But if you manage to inspire yourself by looking back and seeing how far you have come, nothing can stop you. I am an avid reader and I read mostly psychological text books, psychological thrillers, foreign literature in foreign languages (a passion of mine) and published articles about nutrition. I am very family oriented and forever grateful for mine.

9) Any wise words of wisdom?

Find a balance between pushing yourself to the max and enjoying life. Balance is key!

10) How can people contact you?

My contact email is [email protected] 

Thanks Kim!!!
You can also follow her on IG @_misskimberly_



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