ARTdustry – Shing02

ARTdustry – Shing02

In Episode 11,  Substantial Art and Music speak with International Hip Hop Artist and Producer, Shing02.

For this week’s episode, the host of ARTdustry spoke with international hip hop artist and producer, Shing02. Listen as he shares stories of his international upbringing, his time in the Bay Area, his social activism, and how his hit song “Battlecry”, became the theme song for the Chanbara anime, Samurai Champloo produced by the late Nujabes.

ARTdustryA podcast where art meets industry. Rachelle Etienne-Robinson and Stan “Substantial” Robinson, founders and co-CEO’s of Substantial Art & Music lead discussions on the business of art; from creating, producing, presenting, marketing, performing and selling your art.  Listen to interviews with individual artists, curators, directors, creative entrepreneurs and various professionals in the art and music industry. 

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