Backyard Band – 9-28-17 from Club XS aka “The Met” Review

Backyard Band – 9-28-17 from Club XS aka “The Met” Review



One of the main reasons, in my humble opinion, that the go-go genre is seemingly dying from the mouths of long-time fans is the lack of old-school PA releases.

If you aren’t familiar, PA releases were a staple of go-go music from its inception until the mid-2000s.  The tapes were recorded in whatever club/establishment the band recorded from that night, without any bells and whistles or any editing, pure uncut and raw.

To most fans, the PA tape is the best way to feel the energy of the music whereas studio recordings are missing that energy that you can only capture in a live experience.

Well look no further as CiTLR’s favorite band, The Backyard Band, has blessed our ears with a vintage PA from less than two weeks ago from one of the hallowed halls of gogo, the newly renovated Club XS, which was known as “The Met” when most of us were younger.

First things first, this thang rockin!

Opening up, an old school cover of the old Raekwon and Ghostface classic “Heaven & Hell”…well well well….

Then the on to more classics like “Brass Monkey” “I Got Five on It” “Down Wit The King” and “Serial Killa” for us old school lovers.

One of my favorite tunes of all time is the John Legend cover “I Can Change” and it’s on this joant and its rockin like shit….and I’m satisfied.

A solid rendition of “No Better Love” is situated right before that “1999”….rockin!

Then its your standard playlist of Dopejams and guest rapper Shooters assisted hooks on “Skillet”

All in all…this is a great release.  It’s gonna be a demand for more bands to bring it back and release these PA’s again.  Real fans dont care if the songs aren’t perfect, we just want some new crank.

Nothin further.



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