“Be Bold. Be Beautiful. Be Flawless. Be You.” The Daring Deeds of Deliqua Isom

“Be Bold. Be Beautiful. Be Flawless. Be You.” The Daring Deeds of Deliqua Isom

Through my good college bro, fellow trainer and FAMU alumni, Dymen Ramier, based out of Atlanta, I met Deliqua Isom via Facebook. She was looking for a trainer in the DC area for a friend of hers. Dymen tagged and introduced me to Deliqua who introduced me to her friend.

I stayed connected to Deliqua watching her via Facebook and Instagram. She was and is very powerful. A spiritual and confident women, you can tell she was fully immersed in her craft.

The times I spoke with her, she called me “Greatness.” It spoke life and power into me. I asked her a business question, and she was very encouraging, with the spirit of “you can do it.”

Early this January, our group,”Black Girls Lift” had an event with Ernestine Shepherd (Yes, the review is coming albeit overdue, bear with me dear fans, it’ll be here) in of all places, Atlanta. I really wanted to put on for someone for the A, being as though the event was held in town. I invited Deliqua to our event to meet Ernestine Shepherd and she came through. She looked out for me years ago, and I wanted to do something for her.

Through this platform here on CiTLR, I wanted to not only give you some of the greatest advice and entertaining anecdotes in sports entertainment but connect you to other dope people so that you can learn, and gain perspective. Plus, in this fitness thing of ours, I think it’s dope that we can all lift each other up and learn from each other when we can.

Deliqua is an amazing woman. Bold, passionate, and spiritual. I wanted you to be able to connect with her. So with that being said, close out all the apps, pull out your beverage of choice, and take a look at another amazing entry in the Health and Fitness series.

Deliqua. What prompted your journey into working out? From a Health, Strength and Fitness perspective, what has working out done for you?

My journey into fitness. I have always been athletic. Sports in middle school and high school. I got away from it as the years went by. I returned back to working out as part of my healing from childhood trauma. God rebuilt my spiritual, physical, and mental strength strength through exercising, which allowed me to see myself as God sees me. ALSO, after a routine check up I had some cholesterol issues that needed serious attention, instead of medicine that she prescribed, I changed my diet with the help of friends. Fitness from a health, strength, and physical perspective helped me regain my sense of self, and helped me dig deeper spiritually and mentally to become stronger in my faith and believe in myself.

I know you also used to be a hair stylist, so you were already in the mindset of a business owner, and were in the business of developing people aesthetically. What made you take the leap from fitness for your own development to fitness as a career? How did your experience in hair help you? How did you come up with the name, “Flawless Fitness?”

God made me take the leap of Faith, I fought becoming a Personal Trainer, I just didn’t feel like I had the personality like you saw in the 90’s and early 2000’s on tv with the personal trainers. God began to show me that my life’s purpose was to help rebuild people and help them heal through fitness like he healed me. Being a cosmologist helped me get comfortable with talking to people, and also trained me in a way to counsel some people through life issues. It helped me build great relationships with people and helped me to understand the way other people thought about themselves from a physical stance and self esteem. The name Flawless Fitness Spa came directly from God. I was praying about a name and God took me back to a message that my Pastor at the time had preached and he talked about the process of a diamond becoming Flawless. Heat has to be applied to pull out the impurities. He began to show me that the pressure of life experiences and how you respond is what makes you Flawless. So when a person enrolls in a training program, the impurities of their life is what comes out as bad eating habits, lack of discipline, etc.

I notice how spiritual and God driven you are. How does your spirituality influence your outlook on training? Both for yourself and others? I notice how you’re into worship daily. Do you have certain scriptures you meditate on frequently?

Yes my relationship with God plays a major role in how I train. My daily worship is what keeps me sane and balanced (lol). It helps me to be in tune with myself, clients and their feelings. I can pick some things up that they are going through that they haven’t expressed. One of my favorite scriptures is, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Phil 4:13 – Bible)

I always like to ask about training philosophies. Do you have a particular training philosophy? How does it also influence you?

“The body achieves what the mind believes.” I believe that physical training is more than just physical. It’s also the mind, body, and soul. It influences me to stay on top of my game, mentally, physically, and spiritually, that I take care of myself in every area.

Do you have a set of exercises or set of exercises or workout equipment and why? Both weighted and non weighted.

I love Back and Leg Days. Those are my favorite. Deadlifts because it targets almost every muscle in your body. I love to also do Rows with different variations. I don’t care too much for machines. (Bill note: Nods head yes. I smile as I typed this)

You came to our Black Girls Lift event this year with Ernestine Shepherd. What was that moment like for you? The drive on the way up. The anticipation. Did you know about her beforehand? How important was that both for you as a trainer, and as for you as a person?

MRS SHEPHERD. OH MY GOD that was an absolutely amazing moment for me. I thank you again for providing the opportunity. Look, when she and I hugged I felt like it was an impartation of Longevity, added youthfulness to me. Her spirit was calm, warm. I really felt like she represented my Brand “Flawless Fitness.” The confidence, boldness,edginess. She still has it. That made me smile inwardly. It was like I was looking at my older self. When she spoke about God and how fitness helped saved her life, I felt like we totally understood each other. The drive there, I was in awe. I was extremely excited and thought this can’t be about to happen. Someone showed her a picture of me probably about a year or so prior and she told him if I ever came to Maryland she wanted to meet me. My response to him was that it would happen one day. At BGL in Atlanta it did. There’s power in the words we speak especially when our faith is tied to the words. As a trainer and person it showed me that I can keep going and that I am in alignment with God’s purpose for my life. She touched on purpose a little when we spoke.

Do you have a special take on nutrition? Do you follow a particular diet?

I believe in getting proper macronutrients for your body. My body. I don’t get into fad diets. I stick to the basics. An intake of protein, carbohydrates and fats according to your goals.

I notice you do life coaching? To me, it makes sense as we’re already in the business of exploring human potential, but what you made you officially take that leap? How have your past experiences both professionally and personally aided you as a life coach?

My past experiences set me up to be a Life Coach (lol). It is all apart of my God given purpose. It’s the path that God chose me for. Remember I was a licensed cosmetologist. I didn’t want to do this for myself. But I will say now that I’m in it, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.

How do you build up your clients outside of the physical? I notice how empowering you are to others. You even greet people with the term, “greatness.” How did this come about?

During the workouts I’m no nonsense, they sometimes joke and ask if I have a heart (lol). But seriously, one on one, some of us have real deep conversations. All about positive speaking to them. Getting them to go beyond the surface and deal/face whatever is there. I sometimes send them motivational messages, quotes, gospel music, or even some church sermons.

Yes yes yes GREATNESS…I call everyone that because God told me during my healing process with him that he needs me to see people like he sees them, that there is greatness on the inside of us all, some people have never been told that they’re greatness until they talk to me. So it awakens the spirit of the person. Hits a positive switch on the inside of them. I’ve been told that it makes a person feel like they can conquer the world. (Bill note: this is true, when she called me greatness when I asked her question or texted her, I immediately felt extra empowered. No lie. Deliqua is the truth.)

Are you a reader? What else do you do to build yourself up?

I’m not a big reader, it really has to catch my attention. I look in the mirror and talk to myself and God. I do affirmations. I focus on the positive things I want to accomplish, I surround myself with a good group of friends. I have people that I can text or call and simply ask them to pray for me. I take care of myself. I truly walk in self love for myself. Eat right, workout, I take breaks from people. I worship and pray. I practice healthy relationships with people. I protect my energy, space and quiet time with myself. I take myself out on dates.

Can you tell us some satisfying moments you’ve had as a trainer and life coach?

The breakthrough moments with clients when they finally get it means a lot to me. When I see the fight in them, the gears switch. When I see their confidence raising AND them reaching their goals. I absolutely love those things.

Day to day living and being successful in any endeavor often require tremendous amounts of confidence. Your image is very bold and unapologetic. You let women know that it is ok to be sexy. How do you feel that has helped others? Particularly black women. Were you met with any initial push back?

I see women and men coming out of their shell more. Their confidence rises. Black women are learning howto embrace themselves and accept who they are. Yes, social media always has some sort of push back. Everyone isn’t comfortable with themselves, so how can they comfortable with seeing some of my images. They have to remove the old way of thinking and get over themselves.

What do you one day hope to accomplish as a trainer and a life coach?

I just want to be able to reach and truly inspire real change in people followed by their actions. I often say “be the change you want to see,” so that means change requires action.

Any words of wisdom to anyone, whether they be aspiring trainers or individuals looking to get in shape?

Aspiring trainers, take nothing personal. Find your niche and lane. Stick to it, don’t change it to fit other people’s opinion on how you should do something. Especially if you have consulted God on the how and he tells you. Individuals looking to get in shape- research your potential trainer, follow them on social media, and trust the process when you hire one. Renew your mind about your body, eating habits, and open up spiritually to take the journey of becoming your best self.

You can reach Deliqua Isom via IG @flawless_fitness38. And through her site via www.flawlessfitness.biz. You can also follow her on YouTube at Fitness Flawless Spa LLC

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