C3 Wrestling Is Here, Meet The Founder, Richard Thompson

C3 Wrestling Is Here, Meet The Founder, Richard Thompson

Lets get this out of the way, I am still a closet rasslin fan. I have been a fan since I was maybe four or five years old. My personal fandom may have wavered over the years but it isn’t going way anytime soon. The fact that myself and a couple of my friends still follow the “sport”, it was a nice sight to see that a new wrestling promotion by the name of C3 (Capital Combat Championship) Wrestling would try its hand in the business, yet be based right here in the DMV!

I had the pleasure to speak with the promoter of the new endeavor, Richard Thompson recently and here is what he had to say about the sport, his background and future plans for the brand.

Lets get right to it…who exactly are you for those who need a backstory on Richard Thompson?  

I’m Richard Thompson, I am a musician/producer….and now Wrestling Promoter from Uptown DC born and raised, now residing in Prince George’s County….so I’m DMV!  Lol

How long have you been a wrestling fan?

I want to say I’ve been a fan since almost birth.  My dad opened me up to it as a kid and have been hooked ever since. 

Who are your all-time favorites wrestlers?

Of course Ric Flair, Four Horsemen, DX (Degeneration X), Midnight Express, Road Warriors


NXT, UWF (Back in the day), NWA, New Japan, Ring of Honor, Progress Wrestling (UK), WWE/F, WCW was cool, MLW and Defy Wrestling


Athletically The kid from NXT from the Street Profits (Montez Ford) and Shane Strickland

Types of matches? 

Old school Cage matches, 2 out of 3 falls, Last man Standing matches, a good Lucha match, and SOMETIMES a cool death match ONLY if it makes storyline sense.

What made you want to become a grassroots promoter of a brand new promotion/territory (do we still call em territories? LOL)?

LOL well-being heavy in the music scene, and being a huge wrestling fan, I started to study the wrestling business about 5 years ago.   Started networking at different events. Then started traveling to the events. Went to NXT Takeover Philly, then ROH’s War of the Worlds show with New Japan in Lowell, Mass, Then went to an Indy in Mass called Chaotic Wrestling.  As I started to really look and see all that goes in I realized it’s doable. When I went to DEFY Wrestling in Seattle Washington I was convinced! The energy was tight, something I figure I could bring here. Then went to MLW in Philly and then WrestleMania Week…at that point I was putting it out there that I am a promoter and just went from there. 

Most of the other Indie’s in MD such as ACW, Crab Wrestling, EWA and Prime Time Wrestling are usually too far for people in PG county to go travel to so I wanted to put my brand in the hat and bring it to the people. 

Do you see any parallels in being a musician and being a promoter?

It’s funny you ask that.  It’s the EXACT same thing as music.  Most of the guys in wrestling are very passionate about what they do…music is the same way.  The way they do business is the same. It has always been a relationship between wrestling and music…we are actually dropping a mixtape next week…….

How do you feel or should I say, how will you combat this notion that “wrestling is for kids” and adults don’t really watch anymore?

What’s funny is once I’ve started this mission, a lot of older people have been admitting to me that they still watch Smackdown or Raw while no one is home! LOL  I think if it can be perceived cool again older folks will watch it. It’s an art form and a form of entertainment. I think once the ball gets rolling You will see older people at the shows. 

What are your plans for the Capital Combat brand after the first event?

After this June 30th Show in Bladensburg, the plan is to run monthly starting in August.  HOWEVER we will also be doing pop up shows too…working on that now and will announce that after the show.  We looking to popup in someones hood or parking lot. Bring it straight to the people. 

Lastly, with the momentum from the debut of All Elite Wrestling, do you see this new venture piggybacking off the lack of enthusiasm with the product coming from the WWE right now?

I was at AEW’s Double or Nothing and you can tell the industry has changed.  WWE will always be the king of this. Most companies have ups and downs. But the industry is wide open for Indy Promotions to work.  I’ve already been contacted by former WWE guys, former Impact Guys, current top Indy guys that want to work for C3W so I definitely see how AEW opened that up…in particular the Young Bucks and them.   Seems like as long as you have a brand you can do shows anywhere….may see C3W do shows in other towns………

Catch the inaugural C3 (Capital Combat Championship) Wrestling event in Bladensburg, MD on Sunday, June 30th at 5pm at The Fight Zone.  Tickets can be purchased here in advance and at the door on the day of the event.  See you there!

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