Caps Advance to Stanley Cup Finals and DC Rejoices

Caps Advance to Stanley Cup Finals and DC Rejoices

It had to happen this way.

Look, I know all of the sassers are going to say things that want to diminish your joy.

“Y’all not real hockey fans!”

“DC Sports suck….they gonna lose in the Finals anyway!”

“Hop ons!”

You are also going to see persons that have to prove their fanhood.

“I was there when we had Don Beaupre and Olie The Goalie!”

Both scenarios are fine.  I dont give a shit. Today is about perseverance through adversity and downright bad luck.

The Washington Capitals exorcised demons last night that have tortured this poor city for two decades plus.  In winning the Eastern Conference title vs the favored Tampa Bay Lightning on the road, this team showed resolve no one saw coming. Typical Capitals seasons in this “Rock The Red” era have ended in not just defeat, but excruciating losses so it’s kinda surreal that this team not only advanced but the way they advanced.

After blowing a 2-0 series lead, the Caps shut out the best team in the Eastern Conference for two consecutive games with a physical style that sucked the life out of the Lightning.  The Hockey Gods rewarded the team with bounces and luck that only occurs when you bring the maximum effort to the game.


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I was able to attend the watch party last night at Capital One Arena and the scene was unbelievable.  12,000 fans showed up to watch this game on the big screen and party like it was 1998. As the game wound down, I just looked at the clock, waiting for the moment that we as Caps fans were used to to witnessing in these moments – the moment where our moment would be snatched from the jaws of victory.

It never came.

After being disappointed by our teams in the playoffs year in and year out, D.C. fans were ready to celebrate their city changing the narrative. The narrative that DC fans are “choking dogs”, being a second class sports town, and being an outright laughingstock.

Laugh no more.


When the game was finally over, it was fitting that Chuck Brown’s “Bustin Loose” blared through the Capital One Arena speakers.  Our team, playing our native music as the soundtrack of the end of suffering.

Being a DC Sports fans is like being in an abusive relationship at times. As I stood on the steps of the National Portrait Gallery and took as many photos and videos I could before my battery my cellphone died, I just wanted to soak it in.

Championships don’t come around often, and now we have our chance for that parade we have been longing for.

We deserved last night.

Alex Ovechkin deserved this.



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