CiTLR’s 2016 NFL Season Preview and Predictions

CiTLR’s 2016 NFL Season Preview and Predictions

Last season, Peyton Manning became the worst Super Bowl winning quarterback in NFL History (LOL) as the Denver Broncos defeated the 2015 NFL MVP Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers.

Can Denver repeat with a new quarterback behind center? 2nd year project Trevor Siemien takes over for Manning, who has retired into the sunset, just patiently waiting his time until his eventual and rightful place in Canton, Ohio for the Hall of Fame.  If Denver can not repeat, who will pick up the Lombardi Trophy in Houston at Super Bowl LI? Who wins MVP? Who are the dark horse teams? A few of our contributors will try to predict just that.

*These picks are not to be held against us, unless one of us is mostly correct, then you can use it to glorify said individual(s)*


Divisional Winners

NFC East – Washington – Default
NFC North – Packers – Default
NFC South – Panthers – I don’t trust any team in that division but Carolina
NFC West – Cardinals – a two team race along with Seattle
Wildcard (2) – Seahawks, Vikings

AFC East – Patriots – Until a team defeats Thomas Q. Brady and Associates, this will continue to be their division
AFC North – Steelers – Tough choice between them and the Bengals….
AFC South – Jaguars – A team on the rise…love their young talent
AFC West – Raiders – Amari Cooper will be the breakout star of the year
Wildcard (2) – Colts, Bills

NFL MVP – Russell Wilson
Offensive Player of the Year – Antonio Brown
Defensive Player of the Year – Khalil Mack
Coach of the Year – Bruce Arians
Rookie of the Year – Offensive – Ezekiel Elliott; Defensive -Jalen Ramsey

Breakout/Sleeper Team – Oakland Raiders
NFC Title Game – Seahawks vs Cardinals
AFC Title Game – Steelers vs Patriots
Super Bowl – Cardinals vs Patriots
Super Bowl Champion – Arizona Cardinals

I am a HUGE fan of Bruce Arians. So much so that his coaching alone can finally get Carson Palmer to the Super Bowl unless he totally collapses again in the playoffs.  I’m really hoping that isn’t the case. Khalil Mack and JJ Watt will battle (along with Von Miller) as the most dominant defensive players in the league.  Antonio Brown is the best overall football player in the sport and he will finally get his just due with the OPOY award.


Divisional Winners

NFC East – Redskins

Redskins dealing with the least amount of problems of all the division teams. Cowboys will be starting a rookie at QB for at least half the season and will suffer from defensive suspensions. Eagles will be starting a rookie QB for the season and have seemed to punt until next year. Giants stand the best chance to challenge, but defense still a question mark as is the running game.

NFC North – Packers

Pick would have been the Vikings before Bridgewater got hurt. The Packers still have the best chances to win the division with the return of Jordy Nelson and the hopeful reemergence of Eddie Lacy. The Lions will miss Calvin Johnson on offense. The Bears lost about 35 percent of their offense without Matt Forte and may struggle at times to stop teams from scoring.

NFC South – Panthers

Panthers still a force and dealing with least amount of problems in division. Offense gets a boost from return of Kelvin Benjamin. Falcons will improve, but need to be consistent to be a threat. Bucs are promising a will take a step forward, but are still a young team. The Saints are on the sunset of their amazing run, even though they will still score points.

NFC West – Cardinals

Arizona is head and shoulders the best team in the division. The offense will continue to purr with Carson Palmer and Co. The defense is bolstered by the arrival of Chandler jones. The Seahawks found something with their passing offense and the connection of Wilson to Baldwin. They need a mail carrier with the retirement of Marshawn Lynch and the defense showed it can be scored upon. The Rams will have flashes with Austin, Gurley and Goff, but inconsistency has been the bane of their existence. The 49ers? It could get ugly in Chip Kelly’s first year.

Wildcard (2) – Seahawks, Vikings

AFC East – Patriots

No Tom Brady the first four games? No problem. Even Jimmy Garoppolo can get a split for the first four games for the Pats. They are clearly the class of the division and will probably lock it up by early December. The Jets while having one of the best defenses in the league, are unlikely to have the same offensive success as last year with Fitzpatrick throwing 31 TDs. The Dolphins will have promise on offense with the addition of Arian Foster, but have major questions on their back end on defense. The Bills have the same promise, but have consistency issues on defense and lost their top two draft picks on defense. Plus, you never trust a Rob Ryan coordinated D.

AFC North – Steelers

I’m tempted to pick the Bengals here, but I will stick with the Steelers. The Steelers showed that they could have success with no Ben Roethlisberger, Martavis Bryant or Le’veon Bell, so I think it will be no problem with the suspensions of Bryant and Bell. I think their defense will be much better this year. The Bengals will be right behind them, but I think will suffer with the early suspensions on defense in their meltdown against the Steelers late in the playoff game. The Ravens will bounce back, but I still think there are enough questions on defense that will keep them out of the playoffs. The Browns just happen to be on the bottom of the food chain in this division, even though they have talent on offense and an underrated defense.

AFC South – Texans

Texans upgraded their offense after a pitiful showing against the Chiefs in the wild card game. Adding Lamar Miller in free agency and drafting Will Fuller to compliment DeAndre Hopkins will serve new QB Brock Osweiler well. The defense will be solid with All-Worlder J.J. Watt. The Jaguars are the sexy pick to contend, but I still think they are a year away from actually contending for the division. The Colts will benefit from a healthy Andrew Luck, but still have no running game and a defense that still needs to be rebuilt. The Titans have their QB in Marcus Mariota, but have a world’s worth of worth before they can even be competitive with the rest of the division.

AFC West – Chiefs

The Raiders are the popular pick, but I think everyone is forgetting how much talent the Chiefs actually have. The offense is steady and the defense can wreak havoc when dialed in. Sure, the Raiders have all of the reasons why you would pick them to win the division, but lack of discipline has been a hallmark of the Raiders since I can remember and has often been their undoing. While being defending champs is something to bank on, the Broncos have way too much uncertainty at the QB position in Trevor Siemian to know how they will respond this season. The Chargers, much like the Saints, are on the other side of the mountain and may be in rebuild mode soon.

Wildcard (2) -Bengals, Raiders

NFL MVP – Carson Palmer

Palmer will put up big numbers throwing to Fitzgerald, Brown , Floyd & Co and checking down to Jermaine Gresham and talented David Johnson.

Offensive Player of the Year – Antonio Brown

The most versatile and explosive wide receiver in the league. No receiver gets more out of his ability and opportunities than Brown. Expect another big year.

Defensive Player of the Year – Luke Kuechly

No Josh Norman means Luke Kuechly will have lots of opportunities to continue his already impressive career. No defender in the league in the back seven can make plays and cover field like him.

Coach of the Year – Andy Reid

Three years after arriving at Arrowhead, Andy Reid has built this Chiefs team in his image. I think this is a year we will see them develop as legitimate Super Bowl contenders.

Rookie of the Year

Offensive-Laquon Treadwell

I’m tempted to pick Ezekiel Elliott here, but I was always high on Laquon Treadwell. I think he’s the most polished WR of this year’s draft. While Sam Bradford will  not light it up, I think Treadwell will have the opportunity to put up big numbers in the red zone with multiple opportunities.

Defensive-Jalen Ramsey

The best defensive back prospect since Sean Taylor. Being a Florida State fan, I know firsthand how dynamic this kid can be. He started as a safety and ended his career as a cornerback. He has the athletic ability to play in space and the range to play on the boundary. His athletic skills are off the charts, but his playmaking ability is what sets him apart.

Breakout/Sleeper Team – Jaguars

I’m picking the Jaguars over the Raiders because I think they will take the furthest step forward this season. Blake Bortles threw the quietest 30+TDs last season and has the two Allens at his disposal (Robinson III and Hurns) a good TE (Julius Thomas) and a young back with promise (T.J. Yeldon). Where they will take their step forward is on defense with the additions of Malik Jackson and Jalen Ramsey. I don’t think they are quite a playoff team, but I think we will all walk away knowing that they will be close by the end of the season to contending.

NFC Title Game – Cardinals vs. Packers
AFC Title Game – Chiefs vs. Patriots
Super Bowl – Cardinals vs. Chiefs
Super Bowl Champion – Arizona Cardinals

Bruce Arians puts the impressive cap on his strong career and Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald finally get some closure with a Super Bowl Ring

Mike Madison

Divisional Winners

NFC East – Giants
NFC North – Packers
NFC South – Panthers
NFC West – Seahawks
Wildcard (2) -Redskins, Vikings

AFC East – Patriots
AFC North – Steelers
AFC South – Colts
AFC West – Raiders
Wildcard (2) -Broncos, Bills

NFL MVP – Killa Cam (2-time)
Offensive Player of the Year – Adrian Peterson
Defensive Player of the Year – Von Miller
Coach of the Year – Mike Zimmer
Rookie of the Year – Offensive – Ezekiel Elliott; Defensive -Jalen Ramsey

Breakout/Sleeper Team – Oakland Raiders

NFC Title Game – Seahawks vs Packers
AFC Title Game – Steelers vs Patriots
Super Bowl – Packers vs Patriots
Super Bowl Champion – New England Patriots

As a 49er fan, I have rough days ahead, but I think the Patriots & Brady will be pissed and run through the AFC and get that 5th title. For the stance that he’s taken, I hate Russell Wilson for not having the balls to at least “act” black. I hate him, and I hope all the bad things in the world happen to him and only him.


Divisional Winners

NFC East – New York Football Giants – Duh.
NFC North – Packers – Rodgers!
NFC South – Panthers – Because, Cam.
NFC West – Cardinals – Are they good? I don’t know… Who really cares about this division in real life?
Wildcard (2) – Seahawks, Redsk…err…the Washington team

AFC East – Patriots – If you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying.
AFC North – Steelers – Omar Epps n’nem jii good.
AFC South – Colts – I have no dog in this fight.
AFC West – Raiders – Not sure if I believe in them yet, but…
Wildcard (2) – Jaguars, Bengals

NFL MVP – Eli Manning
Offensive Player of the Year – Odell Beckham, Jr. (One job, catch balls…)
Defensive Player of the Year – Jason Pierre Paul (He’ll be even more explosive this year)
Coach of the Year – Ben McAdoooooooooo
Rookie of the Year – Offensive & Defensive – I honestly can’t find a shit to give.

Breakout/Sleeper Team – New York Football Giants
NFC Title Game – Seahawks vs Giants
AFC Title Game – Colts vs Patriots
Super Bowl – Giants vs Patriots
Super Bowl Champion – New York Football Giants

Nothing to explain here. Clearly, loyalty lies with one team, the New York Football Giants. If I don’t pick them to win, who will? I pick them every year, and hell, I’m even right about it sometimes.

Smitty The Brawler

Smitty here, to give you guys the real on this upcoming football season. Not those ole chalk predictions above me. I am informed.

Breakout Teams: Tampa Bay Bucs and Miami Dolphins.
Miami – I foresee reaping the benefits of Ryan Tannehill finally becoming the goods. New Coach Adam Gase will have plenty to do with that. Miami will win the AFC East.
The Bucs will benefit from having the next great black leader at QB alongside plenty of offensive talent in a flukey division. Mark my word. This is happening.

Step-back teams: Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots will both miss the playoffs. The
Seahawks Defense had a helluva run. That run is over. They will have an average D, with a pass happy offense. Terrible offensive line play along with Russ not actually being who “we thought he were” (RIP Dennis Green) will lead to mediocrity. Cards take that division by default. God I hate Carson Palmer.

Pats will suffer from Belichick, however you spell that shit, being too smart for his own good finally catching up to him. That and Brady hitting the proverbial wall. This is the year. Let’s rejoice!

Divisional Winners

East: Skins
North: Packers
South: Tampa Bay
West: Cards

East: Dolphins
North: Pitt
South: Texas
West: Chiefs

MVP will be whichever darling white QB the media deems head and shoulders above every other dude in the ‘L’. Seriously, the MVP system sucks. QBs aren’t the end all be all. The fact JJ Watt doesn’t have one yet is a complete joke. No one has been more valuable than that dude the last 3 years. Not by a long shot.

Fuck the rest of the awards. All second place trophies that no one cares about.

Super Bowl 9000 will resemble North America circa the 1400s. Kansas City Chiefs vs Washington Redskins.

Magic is in the air here in DC, Ladies and Gents! The Skins are gonna have a run this year and it’s gonna be glorious. Andy Reid will get to his second Bowl and earn the respect he deserves. One way or another, the hunger of a starving fan base will be fulfilled. Headdresses and tomahawks will be in abundance. Which team will win? How in the hell am I supposed to know? I’m no seer.

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