Clockwork Disappointment Continues to Plague Redskins

Clockwork Disappointment Continues to Plague Redskins

At this point…what do you say?

I mean REALLY…what in the f*ck do you say, Skins Nation?

We, as a goddamn fanbase, had to literally CHEER FOR THE DALLAS COWBOYS three consecutive weeks and they actually helped us out TWICE and we still sh*t on ourselves.

When will the apathy end?

When will the lack of urgency from the moment the coin toss is over, end?

When will we have leaders that do not look/play/coach as if they are overmatched when it matters?

I’m sickuv the excuses because we have heard them all.

The 2016 Washington Redskins season ended as it should have, in defeat.  It didn’t need to end up that way but it damn sure should have been.  For twenty-plus seasons, I – along with other Redskins fans – have continued to watch this team essentially put up egg after egg in every big-game situation. Every big moment, every time all eyes are on us, like clockwork. I would LOVE  to just ONCE  watch a team that acts like a team that SHOULD perform if we want to be considered an upper echelon team and not the laughingstock we currently are.  Hell, I’m not even expecting play that would be akin to a true Super Bowl contender, just a team that can at least compete regularly for the playoffs season after season.

Basically, why can’t we just be the Houston Texans? Or the Cincinnati Bengals? Or the Atlanta Falcons?

Isn’t that a sad state to aspire to?

At this point, all the fans want is a team that we can be proud of and as of today, who is actually proud of the Redskins? I’m sure the f*ck not.

How can you be proud of a team who for the last seven seasons have had piss poor defense that has only been ranked above 18th in the league just once (#13 in 2011 ie: average)?

This is beyond coaching. This is beyond a general manager.  This is beyond ownership.  This is culture.  A culture of soft football.

When Scot McCloughan was hired as GM after the 2015 season, his press conference was the stuff of legend.  He said ALL the things we, as long-suffering Skins fans, hold dear to our hearts.

“When you get done playing the Washington Redskins, you know you’re playing them,” he promised. “You’re going to feel it. … We get late in the year [with] playoff runs and cold weather and nasty games and field conditions, you need to be able to run the football. So I think it’s vital.”

Basically all the stupid talk of yesteryear about us being this “smashmouth NFC East” team that our fans continue to cling to as if it’s the ONLY way to win football games in 2016 even as the game has totally been reformed since that era, which was 25 years ago by the way.

This team has continued to get punched in the mouth and not respond every single time and that is so frustratingly sad.


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Just go down the checklist of games.

Green Bay in last season’s playoffs? Check.

The Pittsburgh season opener this year? Check.

And in three consecutive must-win games vs Arizona, Carolina and the New York Giants, the team played like suckas. Discount Triple-Check!

It’s as simple as that.  No sugar-coating.

Where is the physicality we were promised? Where is the toughness and enthusiasm for the moment? Physical teams don’t shrivel under the pressure of the moment, they relish it because they can inflict their will onto their opponents.

This franchise is nothing but a huge clusterfuck of mediocrity from top to bottom.  Yes, Kirk Cousins blew the money but again, who expected anything more?  I sure didn’t and yes, he WILL get a huge salary to be next year’s starting QB which is fine with me.

But, I’m a realist.

I know what he is at this point of his career.  He’s someone who will complete tons of passes for a sh*tload of yards with supreme talent in those positions, nothing more nothing less.  When it’s time to make certain plays when the pressure mounts, he’s simply incapable of doing it because he just isn’t talented enough and deep down, McLoughan, Head Coach Jay Gruden and Offensive Coordinator Sean McVay knows this.

Have you ever noticed how WIDE OPEN our receivers are on a game-by-game basis? Its a reason for that.  Without a real running game, these guys continue to win their one-on-one battles with the opposing secondaries which creates huge windows to complete passes.  When it’s pressurized situations, those windows shrink and you have to trust yourself and your individual talent to not just make the play, but at least ATTEMPT it and there just aren’t enough instances where Cousins just sits back and says internally “You know what, I AM a good QB and I can complete this f*ckin pass!” and then delivers.

I’m not talking about some random mid-season “4th quarter comeback” as if that’s some end-all-be all statistic to show you how great you are.  I’m speaking of those moments that if you indeed make THE play, it resonates far longer for the fans and maybe changes the feeling of lethargy that permeates thru the franchise and the fanbase.  There are moments in your career as the de facto leader, that you have to be THE reason your team comes through in these moments.  That’s in the job description.

I’m hurt and heartbroken but totally not surprised how it ended.  Serves us right for going into a season where career bums like Kedrick Golston were penciled in as a starter on the defensive line and you had to pick up a dude like Donte Whitner in October to play safety because you didn’t do your job as a GM and as coaches you didn’t do your job to get the mop dudes to play better than their talent levels.

If I was McCloughan, I would fire DC Joe Barry and then spend every dollar that isn’t going towards Cousins’ new contract and resigning Pierre Garcon or Desean Jackson towards the pitiful defense.  The Giants overpaid for three coveted free agents last year and it paid off.  Hopefully whoever and whatever they decide to spend their money on defensively helps.

It has to.

A total fail from top to bottom.

Life of being a Redskins fan in a nutshell since 1993.

At this point, I vaguely remember the good times.




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