Colin Kaepernick: If You Don’t Stand For It, Don’t STAND For It.

Colin Kaepernick: If You Don’t Stand For It, Don’t STAND For It.

To my progressive white brothers and sisters that hold the line with their black peers. To all the freethinking non black people that understand the nuances of “Black Lives Matter” means “also” instead of “only.”

To the men and women of the majority race in this country that actually fight for and champion the greater good for the greatest number, I salute and honor you. But this is probably where you should stop reading. The rest of this article isn’t in any way for your eyes.

To the ones that spew the proverbial “All Lives Matter” bullshit, this article is for you, motherfucker.

I can’t remember the last time I held my hand to my heart and actually spoke a “pledge” to any damn flag. I was raised by not one, but two militants…so nah…it just wasn’t in me. The last time I would ever sing the Star Spangled Banner was at a Wizards game. I guess it goes without saying that I’ll never execute either the pledge or the anthem in my life ever again. EVER. Because Kaepernick, that’s why.

And Jim Brown.

And Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

And Craig Hodges.

And Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf.

If you don’t understand, or don’t agree with what’s going on, you’re either part of the problem, terribly misinformed, or just plain old willfully ignorant.

I hope you’re uncomfortable.

Revolution isn’t supposed to be comfortable for the oppressors. You’ve lived your existence unscathed and without mirrors. Now you’re being faced to look at and answer for this mess you’ve made.

“America, love it or leave it! Go back home if you don’t like it here.”

Fuck you. But while we’re on that subject…where’s home? See, for a lot of us, you took that also.


Besides, unless you are Native American, we’re all basically immigrants or descendants of them.

Most African-Americans like me have a love-hate relationship with that flag. When you see it, memories of Independence Day, fireworks, hot dogs, and baseball come to mind. When we see it, visions of rape, theft, tyranny, murder, slavery, injustice, prejudice, segregation, and entitlement dance in our heads. To put it in the simplest of terms: our experiences are not the same. Not by a long shot. So, any logically thinking human can appreciate Kaepernick’s apprehension to stand and be reverent to a symbol that has been nothing but the bane of my people’s very existence. You do get that, right? Of course you don’t. We wouldn’t be here if you did.

**Quick Sidebar** I’ll make this part as quick & concise as possible. To Rodney Harrison, Jerry Rice, Tiki Barber, and any other step and fetch, “what’s the matter, boss? We sick?” ass negroes: SHUT THE FUCK UP.

You’re not helping.

Not one damn bit.

That flag for better or worse represents the freedom to do and say things that you can agree or disagree with. Those freedoms protect Colin and unfortunately you as well. So, I totally get that means that you are entitled to your asinine and completely idiotic statements regarding Kaepernick, but please…for all of us…shut the fuck up.

Back to you. I don’t care what you think about what Kaepernick is doing. It’s not for you to understand. What you will do is acknowledge that he’s well within his rights to peacefully protest the violently oppressive culture that his people have had to suffer through for centuries.


To risk future earnings, encounter raging racism, and jeopardize his professional career in his late 20’s is nothing short of courageous, and I salute and support that man. I hope he continues to bring light to our country’s dark side.

I’m not as forgiving as Colin Kaepernick. He will in the future stand and salute the flag when progress has been made to improve the current situation of the minority in the United States. I tend to hold onto grudges a little longer, so fuck you and that flag. From now on, if a person asks me to stand during the national anthem, the answer will forever more be: “make me.”

Cause Kaepernick, that’s why.

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