Did Draymond Green’s Kick to the Groin Warrant a Suspension?

Did Draymond Green’s Kick to the Groin Warrant a Suspension?

In Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals, Warriors Power Forward Draymond Green actually kicked OKC Thunder’s Steven Adams in the nuts, for the 2nd consecutive game.  As men, we all find this appalling but beyond that, we ask ourselves….did that kick deserve a suspension?





Unfortunately yes.

1 game.

And anyone who’s knows me knows that he is one of “my guys” but this was the 2nd time in 2 consecutive games.  He isn’t stupid but this “random act” will end up being extremely stupid if he is indeed suspended and costs his team a chance to win a winnable series. His role for that franchise cannot be understated, especially with his “douchebaggery”.  Every team needs that type of player, yet he sometimes plays a tad too reckless. Usually his recklessness is used as a catalyst but this time, he may have crossed that proverbial line and it may cost the team a chance for immortality.


DJ T-Why?

Yes. I’m noticing a disturbing trend in sports…ball abuse. Be it soccer, boxing, or in this case, basketball, violence towards another man’s jibblets is inexcusable. I mean, the unintentional hit in the good times happens, but when it’s done intentionally, the ball-buster must pay the price. #BallLivesMatter



Yes, he deserves to get suspended. Even though Steven Adams has a history of being the victim in these type of incidents in the NBA, it doesn’t give Draymond the right to take it a step further. Once could be considered incidental, but twice is intentional. Draymond knows what he is doing. I get it, the Warriors need a goon. But generally, the goon on the team doesn’t put up 20 and 10 a game. So by assuming the role of goon, Draymond might have cost his team the series if he indeed gets suspended for the next game. Stop playing rochambeux on the basketball court. You are not Cartman and you are not in South Park.


Yes, and I hate saying it because I don’t like seeing a series radically shift because of an ejection, injury, suspension, etc. (see Suns v. Spurs, Game Five, 2007 Playoffs) Draymond has officially entered “Douche-ville”, and although I generally like him and appreciate all he does to help his team win, the League can’t afford to turn a blind eye to a dude getting kicked in the family jewels. When I saw the replay, that leg coming up just didn’t feel like a natural bodily reaction to that contact. I have a hunch that OKC can win this series either way, a Game 4 suspension really puts GSW in danger. GSW isn’t a “whole greater than the sum of their parts”, per se, but they ARE a whole made of pieces that fit together like a bespoke Saville Row suit and when you pull out one like Draymond, the others don’t function as well as they normally do. With all that said, suspend the Saginaw Dude for a game. Advantage, Thunder.

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