DiverC-fy Yourselves…

DiverC-fy Yourselves…

FINALLY, Diego & Co. decided to pair some food with that CiTLR! 

My name is Demetrius, I am a native Washingtonian from Uptop (Northeast for those unfamiliar), and I’ll be the acting residential food critic.  I’m not really sure what qualifies you to be a foodie, seeing as though none of us really cook anymore. But perception is reality right? And if folks start calling you a Foodie, it has to be more to it than just eating at a restaurant every night. I suppose I’m different.

For some added insight, know that I haven’t cooked, baked, microwaved, or anything of the sort since 2003.  && from 1999 or 2000 (I was 14/15) on I was the only person in Northeast that Rhode Island Avenue Express was accepting checks and IOU’s from.  So… just like when folks say because they’ve been clubbing since their early teens, it’s now played out. I’ve been paying someone else to prepare my meals for so long, I feel that I’ve eaten almost everywhere relatively speaking. Therefore I’m always on the hunt.

As an adult Crazy thinking back on that. But I can honestly say I’ve fed the team; off that.

With this being my first post, written during the first month of the new decade, before I get into suggesting places to eat and reviewing new/popular restaurants, I want to make a plea. Cop a plea. Whatever.

And make a different type of suggestion. A collective one.

To my current and up & coming restaurateurs & restaurant goers. Diversify…. no DiverC-fy your menu, appetites, diets, and/or taste buds.

We are Washingtonians. Or you’re from the MV.  No D. In comparison to the rest of the country, edginess, remixing, and innovation has always been a staple of this area.  Not conformity & uniformity.  

What I’m suggesting (on behalf of your palate) is that you, restaurateurs and seekers, expand your menu/palate further than this local modern infatuation with chicken and waffles, shrimp/salmon and grits, a fried crustacean (over or paired w/ Mac and Cheese), and blackened salmon.  It also could not hurt to incorporate a wider range of vegetables than one of either asparagus, creamed spinach, and brussels sprouts into your menu; owners.

We were the first (predominantly African-American region) to wear jeans that fit; and I don’t mean in a relaxed pleated front type of way.  We are also the persons that introduced the world to Foamposites, NIKE boots, Cole Hann’s, and wearing the Koran blanket like a baclava.  

At heart, we are forward thinkers, trend buckers, and bar setters.  DiverC-fy those menus and your appetites for the new decade! I’ll be suggesting and reviewing some options (& taking suggestions) from this point forward. Hopefully we’ll get along.

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