Donald Trump Isn’t Speaking His Mind, He’s Speaking Theirs

Donald Trump Isn’t Speaking His Mind, He’s Speaking Theirs

ICYMI (In case you missed it)

At Sunday night’s Presidential Debate, James Carter (a black man) asked the candidates if they believed they could be a devoted President to all of the people in the United States.  Donald Trump’s response was “I would be a president for all of the people, African- Americans, the inner cities. Devastating what’s happening to our inner cities.”  He then went on to say “You go into the inner cities and — you see it’s 45 percent poverty. African- Americans now 45 percent poverty in the inner cities. The education is a disaster. Jobs are essentially nonexistent.”



First of all, let’s stop trying to equate African Americans and inner cities. Yes, I do realize there is poverty within our urban communities.  Yes, I do realize African Americans do live in inner cities. But, we all don’t live in the hood.  And, we’re all not “poor.”

The crazy thing is, he’s not the only one that thinks that way.  See it’s that kind of logic that we (African Americans) deal with day to day in the corporate world.  Its that kind of, dare I say, racist thinking that’s not just from somebody trolling the comments on social media spewing hate.   It’s the subtle, deliberate, prejudice thinking in our offices as well.

How many times did you feel like you had to work twice as hard just so that your achievements could be comparable to your peers.  Let me be clear, that doesn’t mean that you’re not capable of doing said job because its just “oh so hard.”  That means that your consistent 100% effort didn’t get noticed until you gave 200% or more.

Or how about the fact that people allowed to talk crazy to you, disrespect you, blame you for things outside of your control, and you have to remain docile no matter what.  Because the minute you defend myself, no matter how poised and tactful you are, you are labeled as the bitter, ghetto person with an attitude problem.

What about that time you made a mistake on the job, oh lets say 7 years ago, and how often you are reminded of it.  Whereas, your peer who screws up DAILY is overlooked and free from ridicule.

Ladies, what about when we choose to wear our hair a different way.  You already know the next day you are going to be bombarded with “How did they do that?” “Is that a weave?” (knowing damn well its braids) “Do they call those extensions?”  With the internet readily available to all, youtube tutorials on everything known to man, is your hair that unique that you have  to explain how it was done?? Every time??  I have YET to see the people asking these questions come back the next day with the same style, so what are they really asking for?? Its offensive and irritating.

Fellas, how about the mask you wear every day from 9-5 because those kind of people view you as a threat.  Even though you have never done anything to give off that vibe.  God forbid you grow a beard.

These are the same people that are shocked when you talk about your children’s scholastic achievements.  Yes, they do have honor roll at the “inner city” schools our children go to.  Yes, our children do get selected for honor societies.

What about those staff meeting conversations in which you always end up being the black people spokesperson.  Why do they always feel the need to ask your opinion on “issues?” As if you are the ‘black people of the world’ committee chairperson.

These “inner cities” (that we all seem to live in) have produced doctors, lawyers, athletes, politicians, electricians, public servants, clerks, office staff … a whole kaleidoscope of talented, intelligent,  law-abiding .. good people who just want to do their part in the world and within their communities.  But those stories of success aren’t the ones that go viral.

Its that Trump logic, that destroys good work environments.  Its that Trump logic, that runs off the loyal, hard workers.  Its that Trump logic that is pushing US by the drove into entrepreneurship.  Cus’ we are tired of being overworked and undervalued.  We are tied of being poked and prodded like specimen by ignorant people who refuse to look outside of their world and see that others (not just black people) are really no different than them.

Rock the vote, people!

Show up at the polls and show these losers just how flawed their logic is.


BTW – the terms  “they, those, them” only applies to those whose thinking is as described in earlier paragraphs.


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