Fine Dining with Chef Daniel Burroughs

Fine Dining with Chef Daniel Burroughs


At our last Black Girls Lift event with Ernestine Shepherd, I had the opportunity to rap with the young brother who catered our whole event Him and his staff did an excellent job. The food was not only tasty but being at a health and fitness oriented event, you know it had to be pretty lean. This top notch team of Culinary conquerors was led by the great Chef Daniel Burroughs of Finishing Touches. This Eclectic Entrepreneur has had an amazing set of experiences from working with athletes, entertainers to later venturing out to starting his own company.  He’s not only come a long way but I know he has so much in store for the future.  I present to you Chef Daniel Burroughs known as Danny B!

How did you get into being a Chef?

My house was where I got my first training I learned a lot from my parents , then as time progressed I obtained jobs cooking at restaurants like Outback Steakhouse, where I started off as a dishwasher before promoted. I also worked at Maggianos Little Italy, Bulldog Tavern (Georgetown University). Two years later I started working for R&R Catering under Executive Chef Manuel Chavez.

A friend of mine at the time knew I could cook and offered me an opportunity to meet his boss the Executive Chef and said they could use some good workers, definitely was a blessing for me.

They took me with them as they obtained the contract to do on site catering at Redskins Stadium . We prepared food for the players, cheerleaders and suite holders at FedEx Field (Redskins home field).

It was an amazing experience ! I learned so much about patience, determination, taking your craft serious and the tools necessary to be a chef.

I met so many people from professional athletes, movie actors, radio personalities, music artists to having the opportunity to cook personally for Redskins owner Dan Snyder.


You once worked for Redskins.  What was that experience like?  How did that happen? Any highlights of working with the Redskins? What prompted you to leave?

I had a vision to start my own company, and bring convenience to eating healthy. I wanted to create a healthy meal delivery service for people to use throughout the week . Some many people don’t have the time to prepare their meals and meals for the family. That’s how I started Finishing Touches Culinary. We also do catering and teach cooking classes!


What were the challenges of venturing out and starting and running your own catering business? You’re black owned? Does that empower you? What is the  most rewarding part of being a chef and also your own boss?

We are black owned.  I, Daniel Burroughs, am the Owner & Executive Chef.  Having your own business is lot more responsibility and you will have more losses then wins in the beginning building your brand.

Any special history about the name, “Finishing Touches?”

I came up with the name because I wanted it to be something that defines the way I cook , at the end we put the finishing touch on every meal!

You and your team have a great dynamic.  Can you tell me about them?  How did you meet them? 

In business when you are networking you meet a lot of people from different background and areas. Along the way you meet certain people that are just genuine people and hard workers.  Through this journey I’ve tried to connect with those people and show them my vision.


When we spoke at Black Girls Lift, you seemed to have so many awesome experiences, and met some amazing people.  Yet you still didn’t fall into the “celebrity trap” and are very focused on your craft and what you do.  How did you maintain that laser like focus?

I see everyone for who they are, and that’s how my father raised me to be. I see these celebrities as my friends and colleagues.  I see their success and listen to their advice.  I appreciate my journey so much that it motivates me to go further, grow more and build on top of the success I’ve gained so far.

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Any goals for yourself and the industry?

My goal next is to open up a restaurant here locally so people that know family, colleagues, friends, celebrities clients can come experience my style of cooking and food on a regular basis.

Any favorite dishes? Also you have the pleasure of being around so much good food all day! How do you not overeat?

Favorite dish is hard because my team and I cook so many varieties of dishes . I would say anything Seafood.

Tell us about your clients.  Do you have a favorite client base?  Do you also have a special way of getting the word out as far marketing?

I like all my clients, some of my celebrity clients I have a personal relationship with so it means more when I see them but I have fun with this journey.

Word of advice to the aspiring chefs and entrepreneurs out there?

Never give up stay determined, you will have more losses then wins as you build in the beginning , but trust in the process and keep your faith intact.


You can follow Chef Daniel Burroughs on Instagram at @Chefdannyb_ and you can also contact him at [email protected]



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