#ForeverDuncan: #Blacklove Gon’ Viral

#ForeverDuncan: #Blacklove Gon’ Viral

In case you have been under a rock in the last 24 hours.

Local DC couple, Alfred Duncan and Sherrell Woodward broke the internet with their beautiful, raw emotion filled love story. What was supposed to be a “date day” planned by Alfred, actually turned into a surprise engagement for Sherrell.  BUT… the day’s activities didn’t end there.  Many clips floating around the internet show a very emotional Sherrell walking up to the front door of her surprise wedding.  Yes, I said it,  surprise WED-DING!  She went from girlfriend to fiance’ to wife in a matter of hours.  And you can see from the clips, that she was completely overjoyed.

Now, the reaction from the internet is to be expected.  While most people are sharing in their joy: some are reposting clips, others are wishing them congrats and well wishes,  and even some are hopeful .. hoping for a similar experience of love one day. Not their love, per se, but a love that will sweep you off your feet, take your wind out, make you shout and thank God for blessing you with someone who vows to love you back.  You know the simple things.

There are a few people focused on the wrong damn things.  “Why she wear a black dress?” “What if she said No?” “Why she so dramatic?”

And to these people I say, sincerely, “Shut the hell up!”

And why you ask?? Why should you shut the hell up?

Because, for ONCE, a black hashtag is gon’ viral that’s not the name of someone who has been murdered.  Because, for ONCE, a Black Hashtag is gon’ viral and we’re not demanding justice on somebody’s behalf.

Because, for ONCE,  BLACK LOVE has gon’ viral.  BLACK LOVE is being displayed for the world to see. And people LOVE it. We LOVE IT!!!

So while YOU may not agree with her not having any input in her wedding or while YOU may dislike the color of the dress or whatever minuscule thing you can find to be negative about.  BLACK LOVE has gon’ viral thanks to #foreverduncan

Sister CinderSherrella has found the Prince who had her glass slipper.

Let us celebrate this moment of joy for them and with them.  Let’s thank them for sharing these intimate moments with us. Let’s thank them for giving us something happy and positive to hashtag.  You can go back to being bitter and broken tomorrow, but today, let’s let them have their moment.

Congrats and best wishes to the Duncans! #foreverduncan



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