Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2 Recap: Jaime Holds Euron’s Beer

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2 Recap: Jaime Holds Euron’s Beer

One does not simply win the “Game of Thrones” through brute strength. One must have a plan or strategy. And that is exactly what this week’s episode is all about…Strategy. In war, you must strategize or at least have a plan of attack. In World War II, the Germans used a tactic called the Blitzkrieg in which they would just overwhelm their enemies through sheer numbers. In the Vietnam War, the Vietnamese used guerilla warfare in order to gain an advantage over their adversaries. So what is Danerys’ plan to take back the Iron Throne? That is what we found out this week.
Let’s start with Cersei first, she has a plan too. Her plan is to try and get all the help she can get. She gave a Trump-esque speech shrouded in fear. She basically said that an army of savages is coming to kill all of you and they will rape and murder your children as well. Cersei even flipped Randyll Tarly who was a general in the Tyrell army, and who is also Sam’s dad, to pledge allegiance to her. Let’s not forget it was Cersei that killed all of the Tyrell’s with the wild fire with the exception of Olenna. And Randyll knows this, but yet still aligned himself with her with possible promises of being granted leadership in the south. Cersei also received a new weapon from Qyburn that could help them with their “Dragon” problem, stay tuned.
Arya has finally found out that she is not alone. She actually found out that a couple people from her family are still alive. It was also nice to see hot pie still being hot pie. It was him that informed her that Jon is The King in the North, and that the Starks took back Winterfell. This changed Arya’s whole outlook, and she, seemingly, seems to have abandoned the trip to Kings Landing and is now heading north to be with Jon. But on the way, she met an old friend. While making a fire Arya was surrounded by an aggressive pack of Wolves which was headed up by none other than Nymeria, her Direwolf. Nymeria stopped growling when she noticed who Arya was. Arya asked her to come with her to Winterfell, is was apparent because Nymeria turned around and left with the rest of the wolves. Arya realized that Nymeria has a life of her own now that doesn’t include her, and although she is heartbroken; she understands. But who knows, Nymeria may show up later, we’ll just have to watch and see.
Danerys confronted Varys about his past. Varys is a master politician in my opinion, but he is of the people and always worked to get the people the best ruler even if it meant betraying the current one. This bothered Danerys of course, but he stood his ground. They came to a conclusion that if she ever starts to swing in the wrong direction, instead of plotting against her, Varys would just tell her, “hey, you know you fucking up right?” And of course if he plots against her she said she’d burn him alive, so there is that.

It was now time for Danerys to figure out a plan on how to take back the Iron Throne. Along with Tyrion, she had the Sand Snakes, Olenna and Yara in the room to map a plan of attack. Of course an all out attack on Kings Landing makes sense, but she does not want to be the Queen of Ashes. Their plan is to lay siege to Kings Landing by using the Tyrell and Dorne Army to surround them and basically starve them out and using Danerys’ main army of Unsullied and Dothraki to take down Casterly Rock. Tyrion feels this is the best plan of attack to minimize civilian casualties. Olenna thinks otherwise, but she goes along with the plan, but tells Danerys that she needs to be a dragon, but that’s easy for Olenna to be that way because she has nothing to lose. The Lannisters killed her whole family.
Jon Snow got a message from Danerys to come meet her after Melissandre showed up and informed her about the new King in the North. Funny thing is she didn’t mention the Wight Walkers which she does know about. But now she expects Jon Snow to kneel before her. See, I am about to make a left turn and say something but…you know what…I’m a keep quiet. Jon Snow will probably kneel because he now knows that Dragonstone has Dragon Glass and they need it to fight the Night King Crew. But of course the folks up North don’t understand why he needs to go and keep referencing the last time the King of the North went south and never came back. Jon understands and Jon knows what he’s up against. If the wildlings were there in the meeting they would back Jon because they have seen them. So now he has left Sansa in charge of the North. So overall, almost all the regions are rules by women. Yeah, this is gonna end well.Oh and he also threatened to kill Littlefinger if he tries to smash his sister.

Grey Worm finally smashed,….let’s just say he did something with Missandei. Not quite sure what, but he did something. Good for you man…She loves you dude. Sam is trying to cure Jorah of his grayscale, figures since Stannis daughter was basically cured, why can’t Jorah? It was a nasty process of getting a sample but I’m glad that he is going against traditional maester teachings.
Lastly, the big winner is…*Drumroll*…EURON…Yes, I trashed him in the previous review. He’s still a sucka and I hate him, but dammit if he ain’t just come through and wreck Yara and the Sand Snakes shit on that boat. He was a man possessed, and at the same time handed Theon the largest L since Ramsay and laughed him out. Theon is broken, no one on the show has gone through what he has so I somewhat sympathize with him because Euron would have crushed him easily. But still man, he’s gonna have to eventually man up and defend his honor, I hope he gets a chance to do so one day. Now we don’t know how many ships were taken or destroyed by Euron, but this is a massive blow to Danerys’ plan for Westeros domination. Because now Euron has the last 2 sand snakes and Yara and who knows what he’s gonna do with them, I’d assume bring them to Cersei. But now, how does the Dornish army get to Dragonstone? Will this force the Dragon queen to use her Dragons? I’m sure Oletta will be in her ear and letting her know what she should do.

So until next week, I bid you all adieu. Pray for Jon Snow, Yara and the Sand Snakes…they’ll need it.

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