Goodman League 20th Anniversary Season Kicks Off Today!

Goodman League 20th Anniversary Season Kicks Off Today!

If your a basketball fan in Washington DC and you don’t know what today is? You’ve been living under a rock…albeit an expensive rock but a rock none the less.

Today marks the 20th anniversary season that Miles “MR aka Snapper Jones” Rawls has been commissioner of one of the best summer leagues “in all the land”, The Goodman League, which is held in Southeast DC, where Miles was what? BORN AND RAISED!

As for myself, as a spectator for over 10+ years and being a charter member of “The 9-5 Crew” today is a celebration of sorts.

We get to kick it amongst our friends that we haven’t seen since last summer, our kids get to play with one another, great entertainment along with the peaceful tranquility that only “The Gates” can bring each and every summer.

Thank you Miles for all that you do for the community and I will see you guys tonite!

Here are a couple of clips that I was in attendance for…some of the greatest moments in Goodman League history….enjoy!







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