Grammar Lessons for The People (Donald Trump Edition)

Grammar Lessons for The People (Donald Trump Edition)


(The “Since the floodgates have opened up on that ass” Edition)

I’m dedicating today’s post to Donald J. Trump.

Since 4 women have come forward claiming that he assaulted them, and he seems to be going down in flames, I figured I’d do my part and add a little more gas to the fire.

But first, a confession. I was ready… completely ready to roast that ignorant ass about his blatant, repeated use of ‘bigly.’ I was gonna talk about how truly stupid he was to keep using a non-word to support his worthless claims.

Then I, like the thorough grammarian I am, did a little research, and was so disappointed to discover…
…that bigly is, indeed, a word.

Bigly (adverb): of great strength or force; large in dimension; great in quantity, number, or amount



So yeah. I know how to admit when I’m wrong.

I had my roast READY.

Had been marinating on it for a couple of days. But, in this case, I was mistaken.

Bigly is very much a word, much to my chagrin.

Donald J. Trump is still a disgusting, reprehensible idiot. That has not changed. However, for the sake of this lesson, I have to give credit where it’s due.

He may grab genitals and give unsolicited kisses (gross), but he is correctly using the word ‘bigly.’ Touché’, Donald. Touché’.

I’m pouting. LOL. But I have a responsibility to deliver the right message to the people, even when it goes against everything I stand for to admit that *mutters* Donald Trump is right on this one.

Take a bow, Squirrelwig McRacistpants. You won this round.

That’s all I got for today. I’m still sick of his shit, tho, whether bigly is a word or not. Tuh.
Stay woke, beloved. And go vote on November 28th.

LMAO. Idiot. Okay bye.


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