Here’s A Message for All Those Calling Tasha St Patrick A Thot

Here’s A Message for All Those Calling Tasha St Patrick A Thot

Cut the shit. And, have several seats.

Let me hip you to the textbook example of a woman being fed up. Cus some of y’all just aren’t getting it.

It’s a shame that I even have to make this post. But, I realize sometimes we forget things, and sometimes we need reference material to get us back on track.

This week’s episode of Power has caused some internet stir. The situationship-hookup of Tasha and Silver was apparently too complex for some people to understand. The posts I’ve seen were mainly from males and they were counting Tasha’s partners (Ghost, Shawn, Silver) and eluding to or insinuating that she’s a THOT or a hoe.

Sooo I’m reading some of the comments online…

Andddd I’m just sitting here like…what??

Did we forget that Tasha was 100% into Ghost when he bumped into Angela in the club that night? Season 1, episode 1 folks.

Did we also forget that while she was raising the kids, maintaining a home, being active at the kids school, he was meeting up with Angela for afternoon sex soirees.

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Ok, She hooked up with Shawn. And if we want to debate about something being messy, that would be it. But since y’all didn’t have a problem with it then, moving on.

Did we forget Ghost moved out of their family home? Did we forget that he moved into a new place with Angela staying over? That he left Tasha to explain to the kids why he wasn’t living there anymore and to function as a single parent.

Did we forget that he asked his kids to meet and get to know his mistress??

Did y’all forget about the time he said he was getting out the game and gonna give Tasha some money to go on her way??

Now, the same woman he ruined Tasha’s life for has turned on him…accused him of committing a crime AND yet he needs Tasha to be there for him?

Did y’all forget he spent the money they had saved for the kids for his club ventures??

So now all of his legal trouble is sorted out aka he’s innocent for now.. He wants his wife back.

Did y’all forget about the post-jail interview he did with Tasha and the kids? How about the part where the news anchor asked about the affair in front of the kids on tv?

And y’all mad cus Tasha has moved on??

The HELL?? Excuse my language but what the fuck is wrong with you dudes?

Why should Tasha sleep back in the bed with him? Why should she be giddy about a new ring??

Her sleeping with Silver isn’t her out being a thot. It’s her being a woman who has had enough of being used and mistreated by a piece of shit man. The same piece of shit man.

The real story here is revelation that some men aren’t okay with the woman moving on first. Regardless of what wrongdoing they’ve done to the lady, he emotional and mental suffering she has undergone, she bets’not find a man and move on first.

If Tasha were a real woman in real life, and forced to deal with even a fraction of the BS Ghost dished out, she would be mentally and emotionally broken. And one day just like “Tasha” running full speed away from “Ghost.”

Had Ghost hooked up with Angela again or anyone else after being released from jail, this wouldn’t even be a topic. So I’m going to pretend like I didn’t see those bullshit memes and end it with this…

Get a grip. Cus when a woman’s get fed up’s like running out of love .. ain’t nothing you can do about it.


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