I Don’t Give A Fuck About The Redskins

I Don’t Give A Fuck About The Redskins

For months and months, people have asked “Hey Diego, what do you think about the Redskins?” “When are you going to speak about the Redskins?”

Well, here it is….

Training Camp for the 2017 season kicks off on today, Thursday, July 27th in Richmond.  

I don’t give a shit.

Like honestly!?? Seriously.

Why do we even care at this point? I sure the fuck don’t.

This shitshow of a franchise continues to steal headlines from other worthwhile Washington franchises year after year after fucking year and for what?  To be eternally disappointed in December – or if we are so lucky, the first week of January.

When we conceived this website, I envisioned writing about my favorite football team A LOT.  At this point, honestly, everything about my team makes my skin crawl.  Nothing about this team makes me care any more than I did the day before.

How many fucking times do we have to hear about some dude that will eventually suck has “had the best off-season in his career”?

“He is having a great training camp!”  “He’s in the best shape of his life!”

How many times do I have to witness pointless arguments on social media between friends/Twitter followers about some random 5th round scrub while they “break down film” of shit like their combine numbers and YouTube highlight reels as the team will stumble and claw their way to another 7-9 disaster of a season?

How often do we have to see the “adults” of the organization continue to have misstep after misstep in the media?  Consider the fallout of the Scot McCloughan fiasco and the poor handling of his situation –  which we STILL haven’t gotten to the bottom of.   The end seemed ugly, didn’t it?  McCloughan was told not to speak to the media, didn’t go to his (and Skins fans) beloved scouting combine, and was let go at the start of NFL free agency amid anonymous reports that alcohol was at least partly to blame for his release.  Why are there anonymous reports about that man’s personal life? Only in DC will there be an acrimonious ending in only two seasons with the best talent evaluator this franchise has had on the payroll since the heyday of Bobby Beathard.  

Then you have this whole Kirk Cousins fiasco.  

Look, I like Kirk.

I really do.

But c’mon, folks, it’s easy to bash the team for not re-signing Kirk to a long-term deal two summers ago. I totally understand.

Team brass gambled on Cousins to suck and he didn’t, and now he’s cashing in – our fault entirely.

YET……I can totally understand WHY Daniel Snyder and GM Bruce Allen are apprehensive on paying Cousins such an exorbitant deal.  

Image result for bruce allen
Bruce Allen…laughing at us all

Now, the powers-that-be had no right to “air its dirty laundry” after the fact with that stupid team-issued statement about what did/didn’t happen during negotiations.  Do you see Pittsburgh’s GM issuing statements trying to discredit LeVeon Bell? Of course not, they are a top-notch franchise there.

Not us! We continue to do the most stupid shit like clockwork.

Business is business, so Kirk will eventually sign a humongous contract, which could exceed almost 30 million dollars a season next year, with $75 million guaranteed the moment he puts his signature on paper.  Thats A LOT of money for a middling quarterback.

The #1 argument for ponying up the money (and rightly so) is that the team hasn’t had any quarterback worth a shit since Brad Johnson, so we must secure his services for the greater good of the franchise.

What is that “greater good” for the franchise?

Is it a random 9-7 divisional title then losing to a better wild-card team at home?  Is it having multiple opportunities to qualify for the playoffs at home and completely shitting on yourself on national TV and missing out on the opportunity to have back-to-back playoff appearances for the first time since 1992?  I just want to know what the are expectations for Cousins in what seems like the final stages of his tenure in DC.

I say that because if Cousins truly wanted to stay in DC, wouldn’t you maybe, uhhh, after the initial offer was put on the desk of your agent, give your counter-offer to the Redskins brass?

Isn’t that called negotiating?

You receive your low-ball offer, you make your offer upon receiving said offer, and you eventually meet somewhere in the middle, right?

This never happened.

So the writing is on the wall, and we all deserve it.

It’s fitting.

When I watch Cousins, I see a solid yet unspectacular player and that’s OK.  It’s only maybe 10 people on Planet Earth that you can really trust to go win you a ballgame with his arm and physical talent.  

Cousins has neither.

Cousins has had the luxury of having arguably the best receiving corps in football.  With Desean Jackson taking the top off the zone, Jordan Reed beating any linebacker in coverage and Pierre Garcon and Jamison Crowder killing 2nd and nickel corners on a consistent basis and excellent play-calling by the offensive staff, Cousins’ window to complete passes were some of the largest I’ve ever seen in all my years watching NFL football.



The issue for Cousins is this: Can he make big time throws when it matters?  When Cousins tossed that horrible interception to end our season vs the Giants last season, the fact he tossed the interception isn’t the problem – those things happen.  The issue is nobody who was watching the game had any confidence in Kirk winning this game for us. Not with all the pressure of the moment. ZERO confidence.  The eyes tell it all…. 

75 million guaranteed with no confidence of winning a ballgame vs a team who had nothing to play for, at home…..but alas.

So let’s all be prepared for local media to sice up our draft picks (I do love the Jonathan Allen selection in the first round this past draft, could end up a steal).  Let’s all be prepared for Samaje Perine, our 3rd rd RB selection from Oklahoma, to become this year’s darling and win the running back job within Week 3 because last season’s darling Matt Jones can’t even see the field.

Let’s see if we can finally get one of these cheap free agent pickups eventually standout and become a real player and not just a one-year fiasco of ineptitude that we have had the pleasure to watch year-after-year-after year.

I say all of this to say “I lied”.

I do care.

I care enough to call out the bullshit.




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