I stand with Danni Star

I stand with Danni Star

If you are in the Washington DC area, you already know everyone is buzzing about the drama that played out on-air between the co-hosts on WKYS 93.9’s morning show “The Fam” this morning.

One of the hosts, Danni Star, shared that she was looking for a nanny, and had received some hits in her inbox from very attractive women.  She stated on-air that she didn’t want to hire a beautiful woman, nor have that kinda temptation in her home.

One of the chicks who had applied, reached out to the show producer assuming she was the target of Danni’s subliminal on-air rant.  Sooooo Danni’s male co-hosts decided to bring home girl on-air to confront Danni about denying her a job.  Pretty girls need jobs too.

And downhill it went.  And there are so many points I’m gonna try to address.


  1.  Her co-hosts (2 males) were totally out of pocket for ambushing her on-air.  These are folks that spend hours together daily, they’re families probably co-mingle.  This is a team.  So to do something so petty and messy, is absolutely disgusting.  As her teammate, maybe even friend, she should have been given the courtesy of a forewarning.
  2. If they were going to be messy AF, they could have done their due diligence.  Was she the chick Danni was specifically talking about? Is this chick even qualified to be a nanny??  She said she’s a model who watched her granny raise kids.  And, I’m not gonna bash her cus she’s a victim of this too.  But sis, what?? What if there’s a badder chick in Danni’s inbox?? She jumps herself into this situation by calling the producers, saying she was denied a nanny job  because she’s pretty, not even knowing if she was the only one.  Sis what??

It’s International Woman’s Day, so we’re going put our arms around her with love. ❤❤❤

The part that really got under my skin, was that when Danni was visibly upset, her male co-hosts kept trying to aggravate her even more.  “Oh you’re mad?? Your big mad now!”  As if betraying her live wasn’t enough, you’re gonna make it seem like she’s tripping.

And I hate to categorize these dudes cus I don’t know them personally, but those are classic fuckboy moves.  Instead of listening to a woman’s legitimate concerns/frustrations like a friend or someone with compassion, you exacerbate the situation cus it’s fun to you. Her being mad is funny.

Well it’s not fucking funny.


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Danni, as a woman and human, has a right to choose whoever the hell she wants to be in her home around her man and her kids.  Her home is her safe space.  If she doesn’t want to hire someone whose online profile is bent over in bikinis (not saying that was the case), but dammit thats her right. She doesn’t owe anyone outside of her home an explanation, not even the listeners.

It has nothing to do with insecurity.  But again this is what fuckboys do.  First card you pull, is the insecurity card.  Let me fact check real quick for the fellas, most women won’t even show you their real insecurities.  Because we know, men like this, exploit it whenever it’s advantageous to you.  If a woman shares with you what her insecurities are, she’s a nut and you deserve whatever jealous actions come from it.  You’re not gonna get that kinda access for free, and definitely not because we spent a little time together.

If she doesn’t want an attractive woman in her house, again that’s her right and half of the women in the world wouldn’t disagree with her.  It doesn’t mean she’s insecure with herself.  It doesn’t mean she doesn’t trust her man.  It’s acknowledging the fact that folks are human.  Every decision we make includes a risk assessment. Buying a motorcycle? Risk assessment.  Deciding which floor you want to live in your next apartment? Risk assessment.  Bringing a stranger into your home and around your kids? Risk assessment.  Even if you know nothing ever is gonna happen, some shit just ain’t worth the risk.

And that’s her right. And that’s her choice.  These same words women have been saying for years to get the men in the world to listen.

Dame shame on International Women’s Day, we’re saying these same words.  My choice.  My right.

Danni, I’m sorry you had to go through that!!

We got your back girl!!


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