Indomitable.Fitness.Athletics and Heroics – Finding A Team

Indomitable.Fitness.Athletics and Heroics – Finding A Team

**Editor’s Note – This is the first article released by Champagne in The Locker Room since the horrific events of the last two weeks that have taken the lives of multiple black men and police officers.  Right now there is a climate debate that has everyone feeling uneasy and very emotional. And while we will continue to share light on injustices in our communities, we feel that it is time to get back to what we do best, entertain and inform.  

From everyone here at CiTLR, we send our heartfelt prayers and condolences to the families/friend or anyone that has been personally affected by these tragedies.



In the 4th installment of “Indomitable.Fitness.Athletics and Heroics” with guest contributor Bill Walker, he gives his opinion on how to choose a great team for your fitness journey.


“So I got with a sick tight clique and went all out.” – Raekwon The Chef (C.R.E.A.M.)


Good day,

We’re going to talk about getting a team together as a beginner, along with some motivation.

So some of you have been working out. Maybe you and your friends decided to go at it together in hopes of motivating each other and keeping each other on course.  Maybe you hope to get a squad together in hopes of creating a super fit squad akin to the X-men or Avengers.

“I can’t make it.”
“I don’t feel like it today.”
“Whatever show is on.”
“It’s too hard.”

Yeah… lol

While I’d like to say it is admirable that you seek to establish a gym crew, I want to say do not be so pressed that you need other people to motivate you to work out. If one person does not make it then what…well if you’re not strong enough already mentally then you may not work out either.  This is ultimately your body.  Your mission.  You’re epic quest.  A lot of times this road will be a solo one.  That’s OK though.  While I work out the majority of the time by myself, I have met both friends and workout buddies inside the gym.  Why there?  Well the people there are already on the battlefield, already motivated.  People will see others consistently show up and develop a type of respect for that individual.  Maybe you’ll exchange tips. The groups that I worked out with were people that I became cool while at the gym.  The first weightlifting crew I was in consisted of an older cat in his 60’s and his son.  Don’t let the age fool you, he was a lot stronger than his son on the squats and bench press LOL.  Matter of fact I’d put him up against a lot of young cats. Big shout out to my dude, Airborne.


What are the advantages…

1) Motivation- It’s a great feeling seeing your brother or sister in arms fighting along with you, I’ve found that I might go even harder when with a crew (just two is good enough)

2) Accountable- Your folks if they’re tough won’t let you slack either, they’ll push you and you’ll set records. You don’t want to look like a wuss.

3) Fun – Good ole’ fashioned fun.

4) Support system



It’s not really permanent.

Schedules change and motivations change. I’ve seen people mob up only to find that one of the crew members down the line lost the stomach for the iron. The saddest thing is hearing someone say, “I’m just getting back in the gym.”  While yeah, it’s good your there, but why in the world did you stop going in the first place?!

Now this team can come from an actual gym class you take or out there on the weight room.  Both are fine.

Even working out solo years down the line,  I knew that many of my folks would be at the gym and while we may not workout as a squad we’d all give each other support anyway.  It’s a funny and a good feeling to see people cheer you on across the room while going for some heavy squats (Yes you should squat and squat often), dead-lifts, or some other “epic feat.”  Again however it won’t always be like that.  There are many times you will go into battle alone.  You got to really know why you’re there.  Are you there to change your life or are you there because it’s the “happy hour spot.”  Don’t worry about the support of the outside and just get to it. You are creating a legacy for yourself and transforming the direction of your life forever. Sometimes heroes have solo titles.

I’ll end right here. I’ll give you some tips on how to start later.  Tune in next time.  If you have a question or topic you’d like to address, let me know.

And also remember I’m having a weekly Boot camp on Saturdays at 7am down Anacostia Park Section E (the skating rink and basketball court area) for 15 bucks. I’ll be there until 8:15-8:20 or so.




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