Indomitable. Fitness. Athletics and Heroics with Bill Walker

Indomitable. Fitness. Athletics and Heroics with Bill Walker

Hello there,

My name is Bill Walker. I am elated at the opportunity of being a Fitness and Physical Culture Contributor to the newly critically acclaimed CiTLR. I am a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM- The National Academy of Sports Medicine and have experience as a Youth Outreach Fitness Coach.

An unfortunate chain of events led to me being here today but to quote my dude Napoleon Hill, “Within every adversity lies within it the seed of achievement.”  In 2008 I was diagnosed with a Sarcoma tumor in my right foot. It was cancerous and the whole ordeal led to me being in and out of the hospital for a year.  This included six surgeries which consisted of radiation treatments and later around the clock pain. The fifth surgery resulted in the partial amputation (sixty percent) of right my right foot. The whole ordeal was insane to say the least.  I could literally feel the shock and awe through silence or looks telling people that I had a cancerous tumor and was going to have an amputation. I’d tell them “The tumor is cancerous but I’m cool though.” I’m sure I sounded insane.  However I know it’s that odd type of stubbornness and “Indomitable will” that drives you.  Big shout out to all the support I have received during that dark period from family, friends and most of all my dude, GOD. So yeah, though it’s weird to say, I’m kind of a cancer survivor.  Still weirds me out.

Determined to live an outstanding life and be in incredible shape I literally threw myself into fitness. I labored with the zeal of the dude from 36 Chambers.  In two years and two and a half months I lost about 122 lbs and the years following that I became superhuman.  Later I became a Certified Personal Trainer.  Now I give what I call, “the gift of battle” and help people discover their inner warrior through fitness. It’s both empowering and humbling. I get to be Professor X and Cap combined. LOL.

So what now? 

I’ll be here giving out fitness information.  Either my opinion on nutrition, exercise, this, that and some more or posting cool information on this, that and some more that’s related.. I’ll even tell you what I’m doing currently.  So yes, welcome to “Indomitable. Fitness. Athletics and Heroics.”

Oh yeah! Being that it is in a few days from today, I’m hosting an early morning boot-camp this Saturday at 7am down Anacostia Park in Washington DC. Section D. The cost is only 15 bucks.  Pro tip: It was stuff like this early on that influenced by fitness drive and work ethic today.

If you have any questions or topics, you’d like for me to address or opine on, let me know and I’ll talk about it here. To quote Dale Carnegie, “Here it is. I hope you like it.”

For an in depth short “biography and interview” of what happened.  Click the following link to read the interview I did with Mr. Silas Grant, contributor on CiTLR himself, of “The Information Age.”

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