It’s Time For Gun Control

It’s Time For Gun Control

Last Friday (March 23rd, 2018) in Temple, Texas a 4 year old shot a 7 month old baby. The sign outside of the home reads “The average response time of a 911 call is 23 minutes. The response time of a .357 is 1400 feet per second.”

Don’t let the Austin Bomber distract you. Guns are very much the larger issue but here are some stats…

2017 Bombing victims in the US – 0
2017 Gun deaths in the US (excluding suicides) – 15,549
2017 Deaths via mass shootings in the US – 433

For the first time in my life, I’m waiting for racism to come through for the boy when it comes to gun control. Everybody knows if 34 black bodies drop this weekend in Baltimore or Chicago it probably won’t make headline news. On the other hand if somebody kills five random white people in a single setting it will be on the air waves for the next five days. Racism has a funny way of controlling what makes front page news and hopefully racism will decide that white lives are more important than an 18-year old legally owning an AR-style rifle. WHITE JESUS come thru for the kid.

Off top, gun control and banning guns aren’t the same thing; yes they both fall under gun reform but they aren’t the same thing. Gun control doesn’t mean anybody is coming to take your guns away. Gun control doesn’t mean they’re going to stop selling guns. Gun control simply decides what processes and requirements are needed to be taken to purchase a gun, who can sell guns and a level accountability for owners. The NRA and the GOP intentionally frame gun control as banning guns and it works like a charm. Somehow every discussion about gun control becomes an infringement on our Second Amendment rights even though gun control does exist and it’s different from state to state like the 10 capacity magazine law in Maryland.


Ideal gun control will take actual common sense laws

Guns don’t kill people. People kill people but statistics have shown that people with guns are way more effective at killing people. The steps to literally putting someone’s life in your hands are actually way easier than obtaining a driver’s license. To get a driver’s license you have to take a written exam, pass it, and get a learner’s permit wait a few months then take a driving exam, pass it, and then finally get a license. You have to do all that to be able to legally operate a vehicle. Purchasing car and legally driving it on public streets is a whole other set of hurdles. Not to mention it’s all types of shit that will disqualify (or at least prolong the process) for having a driver’s license like epilepsy, narcolepsy, heart disease, being legally blind and owing child support. All these are intended for public safety (with the exception of the child support thing of course) and it makes sense. I mean can you imagine somebody having an epileptic seizure while driving 65mph down the highway? It makes perfect sense to go thru all that for the sake of public safety right? None of those things previously listed will stop you from buying a gun; which is a device actually intended to wound and fatally injure. You can be legally blind and buy a gun. Let that simmer for a second. Where’s the common sense in any of that? Maybe legally buying a firearm should be more like getting a driver’s license and less like buying a beer.


And I know I know bad guys will always find a way to get guns, legally or illegally.

No system is fool proof because the current system is full of flaws and this “Thoughts and prayers” legislation clearly isn’t helping. This where we need accountability laws and none more important than you should only be able to legally buy a firearm at a gun store. So purchases can be traced back to the legal owner in case the gun falls into the hands of a kid on the Southside of Chicago the people can ask John Q Tax Payer how why and when did he lose track on his gun.


But there are already guns on the streets gun control can’t help that

There is an estimated 310 million civilian guns and it’s only 325 million people in the US. That’s 0.9 guns for every man, woman and child in the country. That’s a lot of phcking guns but everyday guns are coming off the streets. The police are confiscating weapons from bad guys every day. Gun buyback programs exist. Most importantly guns break; just like anything else man-made guns deteriorate and wear out with use. So with time that 310 million guns becomes 300 guns and so on and so forth if gun control becomes stronger. Nobody is making their own guns. There’s no mystery YouTube video on how to build an AR-15 with household items and shit laying around the shed.


If they were going to commit an act of violence they would do it anyway.

If you’re hell bent on doing something, I guess nothing can hold you back. So if you really wanted to shoot up a lot of people in a single sitting you would gladly wait the 3 months, taking whatever test and going thru whatever formalities to get these shots off right? Or they would just find another way right? Funny thing is I’ve never heard of an American mass clubbing or mass stabbing. Americans are wild lazy though but can you imagine what type of numbers you could throw up on your Fitbit if you went out and beat up 17 people with a baseball bat. Also, waiting is a natural deterrent. It’s some people waiting on pay day right now to buy some shit that they aren’t even going to buy when the direct deposit hits their account. People hate waiting. People hate waiting on hold with customer service help and you don’t have to do anything but sit there and listen to shitty hold music. People hate waiting for food to cook; that’s the entire premise of the microwavable dinner. All jokes aside though… If you really believe there’s nothing that can stop a person once they made up their mind why the F U C K would you against gun control because ultimately it doesn’t make a difference right?

Lessening the easy access to guns equal less shootings

Jean DeGrate has spoken



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