Just What Do I Eat? A Generic “How To” Tome on Nutrition

Just What Do I Eat? A Generic “How To” Tome on Nutrition

In the 2nd installment of “Indomitable.Fitness.Athletics and Heroics” with guest contributor Bill Walker, he divulges into proper eating, the clean and healthy way.

Hello everyone,

The elusive food question. The golden fleece, the fountain of youth. The secrets of the cosmos itself. No greater question has probably plagued individuals than the question of nutrition. I’ll make this pretty brief and this undoubtedly will not be the only topic on food. It took me 6 yrs to confidently get a solid hold on this mystical gem.

Let’s start out by saying…Nutrition is 90% hype. lol.

How? Well if you look online there are thousands if not millions of articles on someone’s notion of nutrition. Most likely it’s based by their own point of view…ergo “Agenda-izing” (literally came up that just now) a statement which then becomes dogma and cultist which basically turns into a battle akin to the Crusades in the comment section of the internet. Read an article and I can guarantee you that there is another article contradicting or seemingly attacking another article. It’s literally like watching WWE sometimes. At any moment you can except Stone Cold Steve Austin to come armed with chair in hand to smack the nutritional nonsense out of the last combatant only for the Rock or the Undertaker to come in later.

For the record, I have no bias towards any diet. For me it’s all calories in/calories out. This means you can not eat more than your body consumes unless your looking to gain size.

To make it simple, focus on whole foods and by that I don’t mean the glorified restaurant that has the mystical telekinetic power to remove cash from your hand, I mean consuming whole fresh foods as in things least likely to be made by a human.

Animal Flesh..Imo..the leaner the better, as you can save on calories. Yes you can find lean pork too. I recommend 90% and above if you can find it. My main go to are boneless skinless chicken breasts, and tuna from the pouch.

Fresh Fruits and Veggies
Starchy foods…tubers (potatoes and squashes) Oats, Beans, Rice and even bread for the purpose of this conversation.
Fats..peanuts, avocado…not for any mystical reasons but because it’s easier to limit the quantity of said food items.

Can you cook with seasoning?

Yes. I recommend buying powders vs salt

Bill, I eat canned beans and boxed rice. Will I die?

No. I myself buy canned beans, and boxed rice because I value my time much more than cleaning beans for 6 hours. I just buy low sodium beans.

What about Junk Food?

This is a huge debate but I’ll just say consume in moderation. Upon consuming “junk food” take note that your body does not automatically go in “fat burning mode” (smh) upon eating brown rice and lettuce and doesn’t go “Hey guys, it’s time to get fat” because you’re consuming candy. All it knows is calories. It just so happens that “junk food” is so calorically dense (expensive in calories…meaning a lot of calories) that you’re likely to overeat upon small items versus the lower calorie “non processed foods.” I personally say, stick with the 80/20 rule. 80% of your food, whole fresh stuff, the other 20% your own personal fun time but be careful, all actions have consequences and all foods have a cost.

To start small, eat more fresh foods and less junk. Fresh foods are more filling. Filling means you won’t eat expensive calories. The less calories you overall consume then lo and behold you then shed some pounds. Do this until you learn to count your macros. Yes, I will be talking about macros soon. Now before someone says, “But I found out I have to eat more food to lose weight!!!” Relax, this is the generic get started article.

When someone says, they cut “x” from their diet and the pounds flew off, well they just cut calories. It’s simple math. Can a case be made that such and such gave them more energy to work out harder. Sure, that’s nice. However there’s no magic except for the action that you take. Let’s say that again, there’s no magic except for the action that you take.”

And while this isn’t a post about supplements. When you buy something that claims to burn fat…either it suppresses your appetite which makes you eat less or it gives you energy to do what is best is life. If anything “aids in fat burning” it’s most likely nonsense literally preying upon the hope of the innocent and desperate. Please make sure all claims are backed with science and objective data. You can not block fats or carbs from entering your body unless you don’t eat them LOL.

Again they can only give you energy to do what is best in life.

Bill? What do you mean? What is best in life?


If you have read this and are still confused, drop a note.

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