Last Minute Love-HER

Last Minute Love-HER

V-Day shouldn’t be confused with D-Day (WWII), but oddly enough they do share some metaphoric similarities.  

Especially if you’re Mr./Ms. Last Second *raises hand*.  

While American and Allied Forces stormed the beaches of Normandy, millions of people across America on the 14th are storming the store-fronts of their significant other’s favorite retailers such as Neiman Marcus, wherever she goes to get her lashes, and Ruff N Ready/The Wharf for example.

While Communism and Germany were the enemy (Japan too), this coming Friday, Hermitism & Nipsey’s (for my MARTIN fans!) are Public Enemy #1. And lastly while over 425K soldiers lost their lives on D-Day, after you open your phone up the morning after V-Day, go to your banking app, and see how much money you spent you’ll fell like you died about that many times.

That being said, I’m just here to help but it isn’t with your pockets. It’s with picking out where to go to feed those beautiful creatures with bottomless pits for stomachs. We call HER “bae”, on Valentine’s Day.  Though I do have a cost-saver option lined up.  

Now, I’ve narrowed ‘HER’ down to 4 categories and have a restaurant and dish suggestion based off each.  For the record, I tried to get ‘crazy’ into this piece as a category for HER, but I couldn’t come up with an appropriate restaurant.  

Outside of Peaches Kitchen.  Why Peaches?  If you decide to go there for Valentine’s Day dinner knowing how long it takes to get your food, you just as crazy as her.






SIROC: 915 15th St NW, Washington, DC 20005 – DINNER:  5:30PM -10:00PM

For the Romantic-HER.  If your significant other loves intimate, romantic settings, ambiance, pasta and wine this is the place for HER.  Siroc features authentic Italian cuisine with real flavor and service to match.  Every guy should practice his best Marlon Brando Godfather scene prior to pulling up. If the vibe bae catches from simply walking in doesn’t win her over, the wine selection and seating will.  Before the food does, of course.

SUGGESTED DISH[es]: Squid Ink Tagliatelle


For little Greedy-HER.  Who doesn’t have a HER/bae that doesn’t fit into this category? Its impossible not to.  If you think she doesn’t, ya’ll just met and she’s still trying to figure out how much you make.  But if you are looking for an expansive, truly flavor-filled [creole] menu Passionfish is for HER.  As with any place I suggest the service is amazing, but it really is the menu options that put this establishment amongst most others. Curry or Chinese Smoked Lobster? Check.  Sushi? Check.  Crab eggrolls? Boardwalk fries? Steak? Chicken? Check 4x’s.  The whole kit and caboodle. 

SUGGESTED DISH[es]: Crisply Whole Flounder & Charbroiled Parmesan Oysters

**Passionfish has a pre-fixe menu for Valentine’s which includes an appetizer and dessert with each entrée; but their regular menu will also be available.

COMPASS ROSE: 1346 T Street NW, Washington, DC 20009 – DINNER: 5:00PM – 3AM

Perfect for your Travel-HER.  If you’re HER/bae has more passport stamps than she does wigs and/or bags this place will speak to HER soul.  Now, remember I said passport stamps, not just trips down south or out west; no disrespect.  Reason being this establishment features traditional street-foods from all over the world! Places like Zanzibar, Tanzania. Japan, Jamaica, Senegal, etcetera.  Crazy.  Be forewarned, although you will not have a complaint about the service, it isn’t the best lit or quietest place to celebrate Valentine’s.  But the seating is intimately close which cancels out the bustling background.  Also, just think how cute she’ll think it is when you both scrunch up your faces before you take that first bite of food, only to find out its damn good.  They serve small plates [similar to tapas], so its best to order at least two dishes per person.  The menu rotates and the pricing is really good. Perfect for night owls.

SUGGESTED DISH[es]: Curried Lamb [Jamaica], Chicken Skewers [Tunisia], and or Mchicha Wa Nazi [Zanzibar]

ESTUARY:  950 New York Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001– DINNER: 5:30 PM – 1030PM

For HER, the Fancy-HER the better.  If HER Valentino camo isn’t to be confused with BAPE.

 If HER children have resume’ appropriate names.  

If she travels like the Coronavirus, but would rather die before she flew Spirit.  

She just might be a ‘lil fancy, and HER palette will thank you for bringing HER here.  Imagine 25-foot ceilings, marble inlay and floors everywhere, completely open-spaced dining where the ‘wall’ to your right is nothing but 15 foot tall windows  overlooking downtown D.C.  Walking into Estuary gives you this feeling like you’re entering into a Spaceship airport in the year 2151 as you walk from the foyer to the main dining area.  While the menu is limited, the presentation, flavor, and ingredients of each dish is far from that.  One of the additional perks of Estuary is that they have over 100 wines to choose from, and surprisingly the menu isn’t ala carte [all entrées come with specific sides] which is a rarity. Amazing service, amazing facility, amazing food.

SUGGESTED DISH: Crab Roll & Chatham Cod.

Now fellas, get to it!

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