Last Night A Little Boy Didn’t Die

Last Night A Little Boy Didn’t Die

Have you ever seen that as a news headline?

Day in, day out, we are inundated with stories of our children being murdered in cities across the country. Though there is one thing that stands out, the images we often see are of black and brown children. We are led to believe that we live in war zones of our own making, that we have no regard for life and the futures of the children we create.

If we let certain people tell it, we are deserving of this condition.

But here at, we don’t let certain people tell it.

Last night a little boy didn’t die…because day in, day out our black and brown parents love their children, speak life into their children, work hard to give their children access to opportunities. They are dedicated parents, teachers, coaches, and community members who sacrifice their time and resources to contribute to society in a positive way consistently, not just during times of outrage and protests.

Watkins Hornets 2019

Washington DC native, Brian Cobbs, is one of those people who has dedicated a part of his life to ensuring that the children in communities across the district get to enjoy their childhoods. 10 years ago, he founded the Watkins Hornets football organization for 10 and 11 yr olds. He wanted to create a space where kids could have fun, be themselves, be physically active, and also learn leadership and positive social skills. He put together a team of strong men from the community, who do more than coach, they mentor.

Brian Cobbs, Founder & Coach

“We teach the kids off the field, respect for one another and give them a chance to develop a strong bond of brotherhood that lasts a lifetime. Many of the youth in our program get a chance to travel places that they may never experience showing them that there is more to life than their surroundings, also making sure that they are knowledgeable that they do not have to become a product of their environment.” – Brian Cobbs

A major focus for the team is academics. Watkins Hornets players are strong student-athletes. Winning in the classroom is just as important as winning on the field and winning on the field they do. They are currently wrapping up the regular season with an undefeated 14-0 record. The team has been crowned metro division champs, state champs and over the weekend was victorious in the regional championships to qualify for the 2019 AYF All-American Championships.

A win there will make them the first team with an unlimited championship in Washington D.C. – a historic feat that has never accomplished before.

The team is hard at work preparing for their big game in Florida in early December. In addition to practices, they’ve been working on a fundraising campaign to get them there. If you want to support the young men of the Watkins Hornets championship team, to continue on their journey of domination in youth football and for a chance for some of these young men to travel out of the area for the first time, please visit their fundraising site and show your love via a small or large donation here:

Watkins Hornets:

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