Mood: DeVos-tated

Mood: DeVos-tated

Are you not entertained??

Week 3 with the new team in the White House and this is starting to feel like that recurring Nightmare on Elm Street dream you had as kid. You know the one where you ran from Freddy Krueger while trying to desperately wake the real you up only to then wake up and wonder if it was really just a dream.

Betsy DeVos was confirmed as the Head aka Bad Hombre of the Department of Education. The general rule of thumb when it comes to kids is that they are off limits. Millions of Americans, on both sides of the political party aisle, shared their disapproval of the nomination for DeVos.  Don’t believe me?  Check out your Congressional reps social media pages.  People are going AWF.  Many of the Reps stated their  phone lines had been jammed for days by constituents and people from all over suggesting that they “Vote No!”

DeVos’ confirmation hearing was pure foolery and was a source of sound bite material for days. When asked how she felt about guns in school, the woman said they might need them to fight off grizzly bears.


Ain’t no grizzly bear roaming around our schools, cuh!

She nor her children have ever attended a public school, nor did they have to take a loan out for college.

Ole girl probably ain’t serve on nea’ PTA.  She ain’t have to harass coworkers to buy overpriced wrapping paper or magazine subscriptions for the kids school fundraiser.  Ole girl ain’t have to cut box tops and link grocery reward cards.  She didn’t need multiple degrees as a minimum job qualification; certifications required by the state; or years of positive experience dealing with education policy, regulations, and reform. Nada.

She is noted as a contributor to the failure of Michigan’s Public School System through her “school choice” initiative.  This created an influx of publicly funded charter schools (that could be opened by anyone) and resulted in the loss of funding and closure of many public schools.  She then pushed for lax charter school regulations.  The lack of curriculum oversight was detrimental.  Charter school students tested poorly when compared to  traditional public school students.

On top of all that, based on the confirmation hearing, she’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer.  But she’s birthed from and married into privilege.  The same privilege that allowed her family to donate millions of dollars to the campaigns of a slew of congressmen.

And despite the lack of experience and despite the public outcry, the GOP voted her in (there’s that Privilege again) and here we are (the real people that it’s going to affect) left to deal with the piles of shit.

The mid term elections in 2018 and 2020 are going to be our time of redemption. These old school politicians think that we’ll forget 2 years from now, and they’ll slide back in for another term unscathed.

We are living in a screenshot, social media ‘won’t let you forget cus we have a hashtag called #neverforget to remind your ass even when you think the dust has settled and everybody forgot’ era.

Especially, when you play with our babies and their future.

So if your elected official voted “Yes” for our new Grizzly Bear-tsy Chief of Education DeVos, kindly remind them every so often we ain’t forget. And we will get on the good foot in 2 years and vote you right on out.

Note: Its going to be very important for us to stay involved in our local schools system.  That means showing up at the School Board meetings, and making sure a voice of the people is heard.  We need all available eyes and ears on these matters.  Gone are the days of sitting back reading politics in the paper, we have to get our boots on the ground.

Note 2:  Somebody tell President Obama and FLOTUS4ever we said “Hey Stranger!”  We see you kite surfing! We see y’all on the beach! Living life! You deserve it but I’m saying ….



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