The NBA Finals

The NBA Finals

The rematch we have all waited for is finally here.

After as easy a road as you could ever have, the Cleveland Cavaliers have made their second consecutive NBA Finals to match up against the 73-win, 3-1 deficit in the Western Conference Finals winning and defending champion Golden State Warriors.

Cleveland’s spot in the Finals seemed to be preordained since LAST season because of a porous Eastern Conference.  Golden State’s seemed to be non-existent after Game 4 vs Oklahoma City last week, where they were not just down to their final game, they were totally outclassed and physically beaten down.  Nobody thought that this team of jumpshooters could actually show the testicular fortitude to not just win a ballgame, but win the series but alas, they achieved just that.

Huge games by Klay Thompson in Game 6 and MVP Stephen Curry in Game 7 proved to be too much for the shell shocked Thunder but now comes the biggest test of all, repeating.

The Cavs are fully healthy coming into these Finals, playing the best basketball of the season.  The Warriors are on an emotional high after the legendary comeback.

Who will come out on top? Who will be the unsung hero ala Andre Iguodola in last season’s Finals?

Stay tuned!

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