Pots Calling Kettles Hoes

Pots Calling Kettles Hoes

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#PushPlay: Well, damn… Cardi B served Peter Gunz! #LHHNYReunion

Posted by Gossip On This onĀ Tuesday, March 22, 2016



JUST, no!

LIKE, NOOOO HE DIDN’T! I know I’m not the only one who uttered that phrase after hearing Peter Gunz imply that Cardi B is a hoe on Love & Hip Hop New York’s recent reunion episode. Sometimes we are not entitled to an opinion, my rules, and this was certainly one of those instances.

Peter Gunz will not call anyone a hoe but himself. How can you be the father of 13.7 kids by 32 different women and dare to call another human being a hoe? Gender be damned, sir, yousa hoe.

Cardi ran it down for him nicely, but she missed a few points. Peter not only lacks love for himself and others, but he truly does not know what love is.

He’s loved in this toxic manner for so long that it’s become his reality. I get it. I don’t like it, but I get it. There is no way he can truly believe he is showing love to those women when every time a woman he loves is in his presence, they are in tears. Including his own daughter who begged him to change his behavior.

Though Peter has been allowed to love this way for so long, it’s time for him to be accountable. If he worked on himself as hard as he works on lying to women, he’d be a phenomenal human being. He’s setting a horrible example for his sons and daughters, which sets up another generation for terrible relationship skills. His behavior has far-reaching consequences.

I implore Mona to get him some real off-camera counseling. There is nothing entertaining about their story-line. In fact, it’s heartbreaking. It’s hard to watch two beautiful women allow, yes allow, a man to destroy them in this way. He has shown them who he is several times over, at this point their love for self has to reign over their love for him. People can only do to you, what you allow. I truly hope that they’re both able to get to a place of happiness for themselves and their children.

P.S. We can’t pretend these situations aren’t occurring in our communities everyday. If you see yourself in either woman or Peter, I urge you to do some deep soul searching.

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