Redskins Continue to Suck, Lose to Chargers

Redskins Continue to Suck, Lose to Chargers

At this point, it feels like they are officially tanking.

I honestly feel sorry for the thousands of Skins fans who make these cross-country trips to watch this team throw up all over themselves.

Sunday’s loss vs the Los Angeles Chargers left the team at a record of 5-8, a mark that gives the Redskins no chance for a winning record with three games to go.  While being out-gained by Los Angeles 488 to 201 in the loss, with the Chargers were indeed the far superior team throughout in all phases of the game. It also leaves you in a position where as a fan, you may have to start to question effort and execution of coaching.

As viewers of this monstrosity, we didn’t see much from the Skins.  Nothing that would justify using 4 hours of your hard-earned weekend to end up feeling sad and alone all over again.

I didn’t see anything positive worth discussing in this article. Did you?

With 6 mins remaining in the third quarter, the score was 30-6.  

Oh yeah, Bashaud Breeland had a 99 yard pick-6 late in the fourth after being benched for terrible play in the 2nd quarter?


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Philip Rivers – who passed for 256 yards in the first half of another outstanding performance late in his 12th season as the Chargers’ starting quarterback – and the Chargers offense did whatever they wanted to do vs an undermanned, under-performing Redskins defensive unit.  Deep balls, flea flickers, 3rd and long completions – you name it.  With the continued lack of a pass rush, having a future Hall-of-Fame quarterback sit in the pocket all day is as frustrating as it can get.

The frustrating thing about the downward spiral this season is how many ways this franchise has found to become the most pathetic team in the league not named Cleveland.  

Having meaningless arguments about Kirk Cousins and his contract is a fruitless endeavor at this point.  He’s obviously playing the game at an disadvantage missing so many core starters on offense yet at the same time, six offensive points today is just that – six offensive points.

The defense that looked early on in the season as a markedly improved unit has regressed to the mean of its talent.  The main culprit during the last eight games of ineptitude has been the lack of consistent pressure from the front four.  This has been an issue for this franchise for almost two decades, it seems.  

This is a problem.

Opposing quarterbacks can pretty much figure that the playbook their coaching staffs have implemented during preparation for the week will be ran without many pressurized moments.  No quarterback plays the position with “happy feet” vs the Redskins.  In a league that gives the offense may advantages towards success, constant pressure is a must.

You cannot win in this league without it.

And the Redskins will not win anything of substance until they find a way to do it.

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