Review: Chocolate Covered Ants at Anacostia Playhouse

Review: Chocolate Covered Ants at Anacostia Playhouse


I’ve lived in DC all my life, and I’m still in awe of many unearthed jewels this city has buried within the city limits.  One such place is the Anacostia Playhouse, which I had never heard of until I was recommended to see a play there called Chocolate Covered Ants. To say it was a pleasure and privilege to attend the show is an understatement.

The play was presented by Restoration Stage and is currently the only all black theater group in the DMV area.

The play itself is a real deep, heavy look at the plight of the African American male through the research of a professor at a woman’s college who is actually researching the plight of the black woman and the last leg of her research is black men, to see if their actions have any deep effects on our women.

The intimacy of the Anacostia Playhouse added to the aura of the play itself and at times became so heavy that I, myself looked at myself in the proverbial mirror and even opened up previous wounds in my life I didn’t know I even had.

I truly recommend anyone in the next week or so to check this play out as it ends its run on Sunday, February 7th.  It was great. Thank you for the recommendation 🙂

To get your tickets, please visit Restoration Stage’s website by clicking here. Or call Restoration Stage at
(202) 714-0646 to order your tickets.

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