The Buddy Hield Show

The Buddy Hield Show

There is a major sporting event going on right now, the 2016 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.  It has been extremely exciting and frustrating for many fans and bracket holders throughout the country. I, as an unabashed Kentucky fan, had to smell the stench of a 2nd round loss to the rival Indiana Hoosiers.  Being though that is the case, I have unfortunately had the chance to watch the rest of the tournament as just a fan, a consumer of sports television.

There has been one kid that has burst through the screen in a way that hasn’t been witnessed since the 2008 tourney when a scrawny, little lightskinned kid from tiny Davidson University emerged with one of the greatest runs in tournament history.  That kid was Stephen Curry, who is widely recognized as one of the 3 best players on Planet Earth.

Now, I preface that by stating that I dont believe that Oklahoma senior guard Buddy Hield will become a player of Curry’s stature, BUT what I will say is for this tournament, this level of basketball, he is having the most exhilarating run of individual hoops excellence since.  He will also have the chance to do something Curry did not, play in the Final Four.

When I look at potential NBA talent, making winning plays in pressure moments matter to me. This was an extraordinary performance, do not take this lightly NBA Scouts.

Do not overthink this.

He is a lottery pick.


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