The Director That Preys: An All-Out Assault On Tyler Perry

The Director That Preys: An All-Out Assault On Tyler Perry

Before I start, I want to say that I know full well that I’m in the minority when it comes to this guy, but I’ll soldier on anyway.

That laughter you hear is Tyler Perry giggling as he makes another big deposit into his off-shore bank account. The “Ghetto Magician” proves over and over again that if he wraps dog shit in a pretty bow, it’ll still be consumed in high numbers.

Stop me if you’ve heard this theme in Tyler Perry movies before: star of the movie is damaged goods, only to have a person come along to show them the “softer side of Sears.” Damaged goods girl is a bit hesitant at first but at the end of the day frees herself away from the evil bad guy boyfriend (Insert Blair Underwood or Richard T Jones here), and lives happily ever after to the soundtrack of the Pointer Sisters and/or The O’Jays. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Sound familiar? He’s laughing at us. Hysterically.

Let me talk my shit.

I’m going to vent about Tyler and the trailer-load of mediocrity he continues to force feed us.

Tyler Perry brings to mind very strong comparisons to Jay-Z and Mary J Blige. What do they all have in common you ask? All three put out the exact same thing they’ve put out before with little to no changes in the format. I guess they figure: “If it ain’t broke, why fix it?” Movie after movie Tyler continues to preach through a very thin veil of comedy that he cleverly uses to get us in the theater. You come in expecting to see Madea and laugh most of the movie, yet halfway through find yourself feeling like you’re watching the 2nd part of a very emotional Good Times episode. If it weren’t so damn heavy-handed I wouldn’t feel so insulted.

We get it, man. You’re deeply rooted in the Christian faith and you can do all things through Christ, including digging Rudy Huxtable up from the dead, and make her of all things THEE MOST unbelievable prostitute in the history of cinematic whoredom. I know I’m not the only one in the crowd yelling out in my damn head: “Yo…are you even TRYING┬áto make a good movie?!” I find myself watching his movies expecting to see Esther Rolle (RIP), John Amos, or Lamont from Sanford and Son to make a cameo appearance to tell us the moral of the damn story as the entire cast pauses in the background. Cut me loose.

Here’s the thing though, and I want you to really get this, because this may be the most scary part. I think he thinks that the type of subject matter that he displays in his movies are the only ones we as a race can easily digest, accept, and praise. I can’t help but think while watching his films: “Damn, does he really think this low of us that he has to give us crap in a Gerber spoon?” Upon Tyler’s arrival, Spike Lee has never minced his words when expressing his disgust with his work. I initially thought Spike a hater, but after watching over 10 of his films/shows, I believe even Spike held back on his criticism.

Before Tyler Perry I always asked myself every year: “What’s the worst movie I’m gonna see this year?” I need not look any further, because he’ll continue to make these straight to LIFETIME channel movies, and we’ll keep rewarding his mediocrity as if it were a virtue.

Coming this Fall: “Boo! A Madea Halloween.” Damn, there goes that laughing again.

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