The Morning After…

The Morning After…

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Most of the people of the United States are still in complete shock waking up to the new reality the Donald J. Trump…..The Donald…..“Mr. Grab em by the pussy”….won.

Me? I’ve been calling it ever since he FIRST announced his candidacy (a quick twitter search of @JoelHoesteen and “Trump” let’s you know….I KNEW).

They (y’all) said I was crazy.

“It’s no way he’ll win.”

Fact is, after 8 years of Barack Obama, this is STILL America.

Their America. White America.

What we just witnessed in its absolutely purest form is proof positive of a few things.

1. NOTHING can trump voter enthusiasm. If the people FEEL it…they WILL show up. Remember how WE felt 8 yrs ago? “Change” & “Hope” were the rally cries. We felt the moment so deeply that we showed up at the polls. He…is their Barack.

2. We still have a LONG way to go in terms of “equality”. Their rally cry was “Make America Great Again”. Initially that phrase seemed corny as hell to me but after watching “13th” (an amazing Netflix documentary btw), it all makes sense and quite frankly scares the shit out of me.

3. In 2016, Entertainment>policy. America literally made a reality TV star one of the most powerful men in politics.

What now though? Where do we go from here?

I WISH I had an answer. If Trump is able to come through with even a FRACTION of what he’s promised on the campaign trail, this country is gonna experience it’s largest one-term shift in our lifetime. Usually I wouldn’t rely on hot takes but ALL the pieces are in place. Republicans now have TOTAL control to push whatever they want through with little to no objections. After 2 years, we have the midterm election to put some checks and balances in place but for now, we have to “wait and see”.

Despite what many “woke” individuals spout daily, we aren’t gonna be in the fields picking cotton in January. It’s a different time. However, things WILL change. Obamacare, chances are, it’s a wrap. Immigration policy will undoubtedly change. Most importantly, THEY will be much more blatant with their “real” thoughts.

We need to pay attention. If this doesn’t rally you to be active, I’m not sure what to tell y’all. This is strictly a reaction to THEM feeling like THEY were losing THEIR country. That got em out. That is why Donald Trump is the next president. Nothing more. Nothing less.


Fear won this election.

While WE were occupied with what seemed like weekly diversions that didn’t make any difference whatsoever (“grab em by the pussy”/machado/Melania’s speech/etc), they were silently unifying. WE were making memes and cracking jokes. THEY were in their houses, prepping to speak at the polls.

Because at the end of the day…THAT is what mattered. THEY realized there is strength in numbers. Allllllll the side stories…all the deleted emails….all the rallies….came down to ONE thing…..votes.

We’re here now. It’s on US to unify.

A common agenda.

A realistic agenda.

Then mobilize.

Nothing they do can’t be undone if WE unify.

THEY are getting older. WE are getting stronger.

The lines have been drawn and highlighted. What side are you on? If you’re not part of the solution., you’re part of the problem. Via social media, I witnessed countless individuals make statements like “I’m not voting because they’re gonna do what they want anyway”.

Newsflash. With that mindset….they’ve ALREADY won. SHOW UP. Make them account for OUR numbers. You’re a non factor if you don’t show up. If they’re gonna do it, make them earn it. We got a whole 4 years starting today to inform ourselves.

To mobilize.

To make the change WE see fit….for US. Doing NOTHING….does NOTHING.

They’re not gonna give it to us, WE have to be the change we believe in.

We = EVERYONE who isn’t a 40+ year old white male.


I hope…..


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