The Non-Negotiable Top Ten Sports Moments of 2016

The Non-Negotiable Top Ten Sports Moments of 2016

2016 was, in no better terms, a suck-ass year.

It just was.

Yet, in the world of sports, it was one of many memorable moments and tremendous plays.

Here is our list of the Top Ten Sports Moments of 2016, and as you know, this list is non-negotiable.


#10 – Kobe’s Last Stand

Sure he took a sh*tload of shots, yet sports are about moments more than anything and this was a helluva moment for all basketball fans.


#9 Serena Williams ties Steffi Graf’s Open Era record with her 22nd Major championship

GOAT-like behaviors.


#8 – Cardinals outlast Packers in OT thriller

How in the hell does Aaron Rodgers keep completing dagger Hail Mary’s? Is Larry Fitzgerald somehow underrated in the pantheon of greatest receivers ever? What a classic game.


#7 – Steph Curry’s 35 footer to beat Oklahoma City

This shot fully encompassed the season for eventual unanimous MVP Steph Curry and the Warriors.  That shot was so stupid but yet so awesome.


#6 – Paul Jepperson’s half court buzzer beater vs Texas in the NCAA Tournament

I am an unabashed college basketball junkie.  The NCAA Tournament is my fix.  This buzzer beater was amazing, but amazingly not the best of the tournament.


#5 – Cubs win World Series 

It finally happened.


#4 – Simone Biles arrives

Coming into the Summer Olympic Games in Rio, she was a heavy favorite to win multiple gold medals.  Lots of pressure indeed. She did not dissapoint as her massive haul in Rio de Janeiro — a record-tying four golds to go along with a bronze for the dominant U.S. women’s team — propelled her to super-stardom.


#3 Dee Gordon’s lead-off homer

The saddest moment in 2016 was the untimely death of Miami Marlins young star pitcher Jose Fernandez. That very next game, this happened.  And yes, I cried.


#2 – Kris Jenkins wins the National Championship for Villanova with a dagger 3.

As I stated earlier, as good as the previous buzzer beater was, there was no way you can upstage a championship-winning dagger.  Its the stuff you dream about and for Kris Jenkins, dreams sometimes come true.


#1 – Cleveland Wins!

The Block (LeBron’s signature moment of his career) , The Shot (Kyrie over Steph for his signature moment), The Stop (Kevin Love actually playing GREAT defense).


See you in 2017, sports fans!



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