The North Remembers!

The North Remembers!

Game of Thrones BYKE!!!!!! I know the wait has seemed like FOREVER, but we are back in the saddle and bracing ourselves for what could be the penultimate season of Game of Thrones. WINTER.IS.HERE.
Ayra Frey
A girl who is no one with many faces used a face to slay House Frey. As you remember from last season, Arya took out Walder Frey to cross one of the names off her list *Queue the Chris Jericho*.But she wasn’t done, she wanted to take out EVERYBODY. So while donning the face of Walder Frey she invited every remaining member of House Frey under the pretense that this is just another house celebration. She begins a slight speech that seemed normal then goes waaaaaay left and she just starts reading the shit out of the Frey’s, unbeknownst to them that the wine they are drinking is poisoned. Talks about killing of her family and states that, “leave one wolf alive and the sheep are never safe”. At this point everyone starts to choke and they all eventually fall over and die. *Queue the Future* Arya takes the Frey mask off, turns to Walder Frey’s young wife and says, “Tell them The North remembers, and tell them Winter came for the House of Frey”. Arya is on a war path and will not stop until everyone responsible for killing her family is dead. Ja’qen is somewhere smiling and pleased with his prized pupil. She is no longer no one…no longer just a girl…She is Arya Stark of Winterfell and she is going to finish what they started.
Sansa Snow
We move on to Jon Snow and Sansa who are back in Winterfell and trying to rally everybody together to fight the Night King’s army of the dead, which now include GIANTS. Like they weren’t already a cheat code, now they have got damn GIANT. *Disclaimer* I DO NOT LIKE SANSA STARK. She needs to know her role and shut her damn mouth instead of trying to punish sons and daughters for the crimes of their parents like they don’t need as many soldiers as possible to try and defeat the walkers. From the beginning of her story she’s been a spoiled get wit and she is unlike any of the other Stark children. She got Ned killed, she sucked up to the Lannister’s, she admires Cersei and she is gonna fuck around and somehow come out on top or “right” because Westeros doesn’t give a fuck about good people. You’ll notice a parallel between Sansa and Jon’s conversation and Jamie and Cersei’s conversation, I’m just saying. Littlefinger just wants to bang Sansa and she graduated from Cersei’s school of master manipulationso he really doesn’t know what he is getting into. Can’t get enough of Lady Mormont, that lil girl go hard, how can you not like her? Overall, John has the North united, even though Cersei has threatened to attack them unless they pledge allegiance to her, John is like they have bigger fish to fry. They know they need dragon glass to defeat the walkers, so they are going to start mining for it. Just one problem, there is none in the north. Where is it you may ask? In Dragonstone. And what is between them and Dragonstone? Cersei.
Jaime Cersei
Cersei Lannister…The Queen of manipulation. The only person, let alone woman, to go from walking butt ass naked down the street to sitting on the Iron Throne. Love her or hate her, one thing you will do is respect her gangsta. Now I am in the “Fuck Cersei” camp and proud of it. But let’s talk about the one person that is still alive that she cares about the most, her brother and lover Jaime. And let’s talk about the moment when he realized that he’s going to have to kill her and become the King/Queen Slayer. First things first, Cersei is drunk with power right now and it shows. Jamie can see it and I would have to assume you can see it too. She proclaims herself ruler of the 7 kingdoms; Jaime corrects her and says it’s more like 3. Cersei vows to conquer the North, Jaime says its winter, we ain’t going up there. Jaime asks about their children and Tommen, she says they are just ashes (Push me to the edge, all my kids are dead) and basically says she wants to rule the kingdom for her and Jaime. It was at this moment that Jaime realized I’m gonna have to kill my sister because she is gonna get EVERYONE killed. Jaime is legit scared of everything that’s happening, he knows Danerys is coming. Their army is not what it used to be, not to mention….DRAGONS!!!! Jaime is not the same person he was when we first met him, granted, Cersei isn’t either. Jaime, I believe, is a good person now. We can thank Brienne for this, she changed him. He isn’t even on Arya’s list, which says a lot. Jaime is the only one who can stop Cersei before Danerys gets there, unless Arya gets to her first.
But before we move one from the Lannisters, we have to talk about a sucka ass dude named Euron from the Iron Islands who came to meet with Cersei. This guy is just a flat out asshole. Sure, you have boats and some soldiers, but as Jaime said, they are weak. All of them are weak and traitors. Hell, he killed his own brother and encouraged Cersei to do the same thing because it, “feels good”. He’s come to pledge his allegiance to Cersei if she marries him. Of course she says no with Jaime standing right there. She said that most proposals come with a gift of some sort, so he vows to bring her a gift that she’ll love and something she’ll get that will get her to marry him. I don’t know anything that Cersei wants more than then her brother Tyrion’s head, so I have a strong suspicion that Euron will be trying to get that for her. Lastly, Fuck the Lannisters…Just had to throw that in there as we move on.

Bran finally reached the wall, but guess what? Jon ain’t there, which we already knew. But I’m not going talk much about him; he is the reason everything is happening which is a conversation for another day. Sam in his quest to become a maester , which really isn’t what he is there for, is cleaning up piss and poop while stealing books to read up on the wight walkers. He is trying to gather info on how to defeat them, when the answer is right in front of him. 2 things kill walkers, Valyrian steel and Dragon glass. There are only like 4 Valyrian steel swords left and he has one of them. So I’d like to see less of Sam unless he goes to Winterfell to give the sword to Jon Snow.
The Hound finally believes. Period.
Sidenote, Arya met Ed Sheeran and his band of merry and genuinely good soldiers! They fed her and took her in for a few moments. I think this part was to show that although she is hell bent on revenge, that she can recognize good people. And those guys seemed to be good people, which is rare in Westeros.
Finally, Danerys and her army have made it home to Dragonstone. She walked around and is now ready to get to work. Not much to say about her, I’m assuming she’ll get plenty of screen time from now on because she is finally in Westeros and King’s Landing is within reach.

Overall, this was a solid premiere for the best show on television. Don’t @ me about this opinion. Can’t wait for next week and the rest of the season to find out how everything pans out and see if any of my prophecy’s come true. But one thing IS for certain. People are gonna die. The only question is WHO!

Last quick note…Brienne….give my guy Tormund a chance. Jaime doesn’t deserve you!

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