The Real Wife: Ayesha Curry Style

The Real Wife: Ayesha Curry Style

Steph Curry is having an amazing NBA career, breaking all kinds of records, and giving kids everywhere motivation to beat his jaw dropping 3pt shot.  He has 2 beautiful daughters with budding personalities, and a wife, Ayesha, who is obviously his #1 fan.

I’ll admit I knew more about Steph and his oldest daughter, Riley, than I did his wife.  I heard on many different occasions, she was “tough” (slang for beautiful), so I chopped it up as just another “beautiful, basketball wife”.  One day, she popped up on my Instagram popular page and I decided to take a peek into her life. What I thought was going to be a few quick scrolls, ended up being an hour long journey into a familiar space. I assumed I was going to see endless selfies, pics of expensive shoes and handbags, pics of shopping excursions in the finest stores, a picture or 2 of a Rolls Royce with blacked out rims, some pics at lunch with other celebrity chicks –  typical basketball wife pictures.  And that may be a generalization of all basketball wives, but that is what we have seen via the reality tv show.

We live in a social media era where likes determine what’s popular, and real life is not likable.  According to social media, as a mother, you are supposed to be back to your pre-pregnancy size the day you give birth.  Your waist is ALWAYS supposed to be 20 inches wide, and your butt should be a level Nicki Minaj or higher.  Your breasts should be sitting like a Thanksgiving platter, and with every child you have, you should be smaller than before.  Most of all, do not post pictures until you have lost every ounce of that baby weight.  And these aren’t men that are issuing these rules, women are holding other women to these reality tv standards.   According to social media, if your makeup isn’t on point or you’re not dressed to the nine, as a wife, your husband is probably going to cheat with a video vixen. Unless he’s President Obama or Jay-Z.  God forbid you have a bad hair day, your marriage might be over.  We live in a social media driven world that has totally corrupted the image of what black love is, and what marriage looks like.  Gone are the shows that showcase the black family.  The legacy of the Cosby show is too tainted to even mention.  Shows that feature broken relationships like Scandal and Love & Hip Hop rank high with viewership. When in real life, there are real, regular schmegular wives with real, regular schmegular husbands that love them for who they are whether at size 24 or a size 2, glammed up or not, bald headed or weaved up.  But I digress.

Ayesha wasn’t like the Basketball Wives TV introduced me to.  Scrolling through her pictures, I saw someone I could relate to.  I’m a married, late thirties, mom to 3 handsome boys.  I have a job, I have bills, and household responsibilities like thousands of others wives/moms like me.   She’s not advertising a crash diet or waist trainer to make you have a flat belly.  She’s not flaunting a  gym session working on her butt.  She’s not posting a bunch of superficial stuff for superficial likes.   Her page is about her passions, the pursuit of new opportunities, her family, her faith, and the love and admiration for her husband.  That’s me.  That’s my girlfriends, in a nutshell.

I like Ayesha Curry because her image is real life.  She loves to cook and is sharing that passion in her new cookbook.  She loves to spend time with her friends and, dare I say it, ” turn up!”  Who doesn’t love ladies night?  When she’s feeling cute or her outfit is fire, she’s gonna give you a selfie or 2.  She adores her kids, and will post 5 pictures and a video of them that you may or may not think is funny.  She supports her husband 110%, on and off the court.  They enjoy being together, doing silly stuff, that may be corny to somebody else.  And, she loves God, and is not ashamed to say how thankful she is for everything she has.  There’s no excessive pictures of fancy shoes or expensive bags.  There’s no picture of a Rolls Royce with blacked out rims and a caption to make you feel dumb for driving a Camry.  She’s not posted up on the balcony of a different island every week with a caption to make you jealous.  She’s a real wife who happens to have a husband that plays professional basketball.  She likes to have fun, the love for her family is pure, and she’s humble. That’s her.  That’s me.  That is my girlfriends.  Real Wives.  Ayesha Curry style.

courtesy of @ayeshacurry Instagram


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