The Top Ten Irrefutable Heroes That Don’t Wear Capes

The Top Ten Irrefutable Heroes That Don’t Wear Capes

We know these people. We walk among them.

Welcome to another installment of #TopTenTuesdays.

Here’s the platform where we honor these men and women whose humility and grace allows these ten beautiful people to fly under the radar for public praise.


10. The server that goes above and beyond  “just because”in addition to the check!: This person quit school because of recess. They just don’t play. What makes them most great is that they are considerate enough to lessen your worries and theirs…at the same damn time. 


9. The quick person at self-checkout: When you care enough to actually know what you want before you actually get to the place where you have to order or pay for what you want. This person is a rare find. A unicorn if you will. Everybody else is some version of your aunt who still loves to take out the checkbook after and only after all of her items have been rung up, bagged, and ready to go. Heaven help us all.


8. Whoever bakes the snicker doodles at Iverson Mall: I feel like this  is self-explanatory and only the uninitiated know not of what I speak.


7. The pannycake maker at any and every Cracker Barrel: Point blank and the period. 


6. The Pass-First Point Guard: The guy that says without hesitation “Everybody eats at my table and that it’s not negotiable.” This person can also be trusted with your money your significant other and your children with all three being in perfect condition when you return. A true gentleman warrior.


5. The Cool Uncle: -The uncle that never snitches. Everybody has this angel on earth in their family, and you’re very blessed if you have more than one! We all know this guy. Always has a $20 bill hiding in his handshake. Catches you in the middle of you “discovering yourself” with a fellow 11th grader, scolds you, but never parts his lips to tell his sister/your mom. The very first one to be knocking at the door when you get a little too big for your britches and start popping them chops at your mother, and yet the first one at your school when the math teacher “got us all mixed up.” A man of honor and dignity.


4. The chef at the steakhouse: God bless this man and his whole damn family. He’s the guy that cares enough to make damn sure my medium rare steak is cooked to bleeping perfection. It is always important to note that this guy cannot be found at the IHOP, Outback Steakhouse, or The Olive Garden. He can only be found at high end joints. Where they don’t play around.


3. Nat Turner: Any questions? Oh, aight.



2. Colin Kaepernick: The true definition of social justice warrior. Sacrificed his job for the for the greater good and the greatest number. The hero we deserve.



1. Robert Mueller: The Capitol Hill Bulldog. The Sandman. The Hammer Of God. The author of Donald J. Trump’s pain. Lastly, the chosen one  that is prophesied to bring balance back to the force.



***Honorable Mention***

Anyone, and The Mike means ANYONE that has to travel to Waldorf at any time, and anyone that has to travel from Waldorf at any time JUST to travel back to Waldorf.

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