The Top Ten Unobstructed, Irrefutable, Iron Clad, Undeniable Reasons Why “Power” Sucks And You Damn Well Know It

The Top Ten Unobstructed, Irrefutable, Iron Clad, Undeniable Reasons Why “Power” Sucks And You Damn Well Know It

#TopTenTuesdays is back…albeit a day late.

This article was a collaboration with me and the other Four Horsemen: Tyberius Broadway aka Ole Anderson, Diego Johnson aka Tully Blanchard, and Smitty The Brawler aka The Total Package 747.

In this here article, we list all the reasons why Power isn’t as good as we hype it up to be. Call us a liar and we’ll call you anything but a child of God.

Let’s get started, shall we?


10. Where The Hell Is The Third Child?!: Ghost & Tasha have two girls and a boy, right? Think about it really quick.  How many times have you seen the youngest daughter? Don’t worry, I’ll wait. Why is she ALWAYS at sleepovers n shit? If that little girl ever gets kidnapped she can forget about ever being saved. They gives not one fuck about her.


9. The Fight Scenes Are Straight From The Horrible Movie “They Live.”



8. Every Knows Who Ghost Is EXCEPT The Damn Feds!!!

I can’t be the only one that has thought this, right? Like,  The entity designed and created to find out the identity of people are absolutely stymied  when it comes to ascertaining the true identity of Jamie Saint Patrick. This is Naked Gun level of ineptitude.


7. Even In A Black Show, The White Gets The Shine. 

How’s that even possible?!! Now, he’s not as bad an actor as the older daughter, but he ain’t that far off. More Ghost, less Tommy. For all of our sakes.


6. Why Is She ALWAYS In The Kitchen And NEVER Cooking?!

This isn’t me going old school saying where a woman’s place should be. Calm down. I’m just wondering  why she is always in the kitchen and I never see grease popping, bacon on a plate on top of paper towels draining, or sweet potato pies coming out of the damn oven. It’s an honest question!!!


5. Predictable Plot Lines: Don’t lie. You’ve been predicting the outcomes as much as I have. Everybody knows who’s gonna die and everybody knew how Ghost was gonna get out long before he did.


4. Absolutely No Likeable Characters: Not one.  There is not a character on the show that if they suffered an untimely death that would bother me. Therein lies the problem



3. This Guy: I want him to die more than I wanted King Joffrey to get killed, and he was a true SOB!!!



2. The God Awful Acting: It’s all  over the show and very very difficult to look past or ignore. The oldest daughter is definitely the MVP.


1. How In The Blue Hell Is This Guy Alive?

I need someone to explain this to me. How are you one  of the most feared and effective killers in all of New York City… so much so that you got the nickname Ghost,  and you can’t correctly kill a guy in a building with gasoline and bullets?!


If I’m wrong, please let me know in the comment section….but I know I’m right…and you do too…..but we all will watch next Sunday anyway!



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