Top 10 Halloween Candies of All Time

Top 10 Halloween Candies of All Time

Yesterday was Halloween and as parents, we ALL “searched” through our kids’ bags and “inspected” each bag thoroughly for the safety of our children.

Who are we kidding…we did this for US!

We gave birth to you, it is your civic duty as a child for your parents to have first dibs on the best candy given to you by our neighbors.

Not all candy though is created equal, so here is our latest Top 10 list…best Halloween candies.

This list is non-negotiable.




1. Reeses Cup – Just sooooo good.  Its a versatile candy as it could be eaten half melted or almost frozen.  Sometimes you don’t want too much peanut butter so the Halloween small cup version is just perfect.




2. Snickers – Another versatile candy, yet very addictive.  These are the #1 favorites of every bowl of candy sitting on the desk of Ms. Brenda with the sign saying “Help yourself!”  Don’t mind if I do Ms. Brenda, don’t mind if I do.




3. Sweet Tarts – A surprising selection to some, but not to us folks who adore this underrated candy treat.  Most candy consumers wont see these beauties for another year, which is sad, because its a top rate candy.  Current favorites such as Sour Patch Kids have these bad boys to thank for their inspiration.




4. Kit Kats – The one candy that you will inevitably eat more than normal store size.  Most people grab two or three of these per handful…which would equal to four or six blends.  That’s too much…but I understand.





5. Jolly Ranchers – Another staple in the candy community that is largely overlooked until Halloween or the aforementioned candy desk at work.  If its some Cherry or Blue Raspberry blends available, they are mines.





6. Starbursts – One of the fun of the Halloweeen Starbursts is you may end up with a “red and orange” pack…but you will be blown if you get the “pink and yellow” pack.



7. Twix – An underrated candy in all phases. Sure its just cookie, caramel and chocolate but sometimes that is all you need. No frills or bells and whistles. Iconic.




8. Smarties – Another Halloween classic.  Some people abhor them.  I say, “Give em to me then!”




9. M&Ms – Can’t really go wrong with a these.  Also when your bag inspecting, they are the easiest to steal from said bag.




10. Blow Pop – Now, you wont catch your  boy partaking in one of these in public yet, if there is a Sour Apple Blow Pop in that bag? It’s gone.  Sorry, your not gonna miss what you never saw.


Shout out to other solid Halloween candies such as Hershey Kisses, Mr Goodbar, Hershey Kisses, Hershey’s Miniatures, Butterfingers etc. but only ten could be chosen for this esteemed list.

See you next year!



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