Top 10 Myths about the Spiritual “Woke” Conscious World

Top 10 Myths about the Spiritual “Woke” Conscious World

Before we begin let’s define the Spiritual Conscious world: anything that would be considered New Agey & Esoteric aka Astrology, Numerology, Healing Arts, Herbology, Light Workers, Shamans, Tarot Readers, Runes, Crystals/Gemstones, Alternative Healing Modalities, Reiki, Wiccan, Witches ..essentially ‘dat hippie stuff’ NOT THAT HOTEP stuff.

There is only ONE Person I can think of who can rock with Team Hotep and Team Spiritual Woke…Erykah Badu. She will freestyle with you and throw up her fist then go light some incense, bask under her crystals eat a vegetarian meal then go help delivery a baby — she is legit a registered doula. She the only one that can double dip in both communities LOL!!

There so many levels to being woke now but in this article I’m referring to the OG woke crew now that we are straight let’s kick off the list!!

The first group of characteristics I as label ‘personal choices’

  1. They are atheists or devil worshippers:
    • From my experience, fundamentally most believe in higher power. Conscious people follow the concept of spirit as energy or divine presence and a lot of groups call that spirit ‘God’. I’ve met people who are committed to their religious backgrounds and some who call religion a joke.
    • Like any social group, of course, there are those that believe in following darker God/Goddesses from various mythological backgrounds or no concept of a higher spirit.
    • Personal note – if you know someone working in the fields I cited above; its not cool labeling their work as ‘the devil’ and yes, black people I’m talking to you. It’s disrespectful and annoying when in most cases they are not casting spells or putting roots on you dawg.
  2. They are vegan/vegetarian:
    • There are some school of thoughts who believe eating a plant based diets keeps the body’s density lower and the vibration higher through consumption of alkaline based foods. A plant based diet makes it easier for them to conduct new age work which can be very draining to the physical body.
    • Plant based foods, also known as the sun-food diet consuming raw fruits/veggies, is the closest way to eat and connect to the energy of the Sun. Sun being though of as God/divine energy and by consuming the food nourished by the Sun helps induce enlightenment. (Google biophotons if you interested more)
    • Others based on culture drawing form the West (e.g India, China) naturally support vegetarian meals or diets where meat consumption is low/rare or kosher based.
    • What you eat doesn’t matter I’ve met some masterful physics and tarot readers who will crush Popeyes and bottle of soda but yet perform outstanding service for the clients.
  3. They spend their days meditating outside under a cloud:
    • Meditation isn’t for everyone BUT some use it like prayer; silence is a time to retreat inward and reflect. Its a must being a daily practice of rejuvenation of the mind. Given their are many types of meditations: mantra, chanting (aloud or silent), counting, breath, mindfulness etc each with their own specific health and spiritual benefits.
    • Some also believe meditation is a way to activate the ‘pineal gland’ The pineal gland, also known as the conarium or epiphysis cerebri, is a small endocrine gland in the vertebrate brain. That’s the scientific term for “THIRD EYE” If you want to be able to download and connect to psychic energy or boost a strong intuition you better meditate baby nourish that pineal gland.
    • Again just like the diet question some folks in this world opt out of meditation and are able to practice healing/serving with no qualms.
  4. Tarot is related to devil/dark/evil spirits:
    • From our friend Wikipedia: Tarot was created as an Italian playing card game  (similar to Bridge) in the mid 15th century. By the mid-18th century, the mystical applications [rooting from Kabbalah, Ancient Egyptian, Tree of Life] for cards had spread from Italy to other parts of Europe. By the end of the Victorian era, occultism and spiritualism had become popular pastimes for bored upper class families. It wasn’t uncommon to attend a house party and find a séance taking place, or someone reading palms or tea leaves in the corner. Watch this video for a more indepth historical context
    • Modern times…Tarot is a person reading symbols on a card based on a person or group [aka the querent] asking a questions or soliciting advice on situation. Tarot is largely based on imagery keep that in mind as there are three cards in the traditional tarot deck [Rider Waite] that one could associate with darker vibe. Let’s discuss so we can dead that mindset of ALL cards being associated with the devil.
This card means something in a person’s life is coming to closure or end (not an actual life!) They could be going through a transition (planned or unplanned) a period of time of getting back to the basics by shedding unnecessary ‘stuff’. I think it’s important to note especially for this card that Tarot is balanced to put a positive spin on the cards; the flag is is symbolic to an announcement of change – something has shifted and a flag makes the world aware of this shift. It is a bright, bold obvious sign that a new day is dawning. Two symbols point to a a fast sweeping moment of change that caught the person off guard; notice the trees are leaning as if a tornado swept through the area; the blue waterfall in the background, water [emotion]that can’t be controlled pours over the backdrop.

 In a reading maybe a person just went through a break up that came out of nowhere where as they through the relationship was healthy and loving but now they are devastated as you see the two people in the lower right  are depicted presumably mourning over someone. Look in the background on the right side the SUN is rising meaning you will pick yourself back up after your ‘mourn’ the loss life throw curveballs but the sun always rises.
This card deals with a person vices or situations that feel like unhealthy bondage. You know like the saying goes the devil likes to tempt you— all things that fall in that category. If you are hip to Greek mythology look at the grapes in the lower left those are a symbol from the Greek God Dionysus who was always know to be drunk and chasing hedonistic pleasures. This card comes up around addiction and behavior that’s out of control. Look at the two people linked by chains “BONDAGE” what in your life are you attached to in that manner and is it impacting you? Could be a sign of awareness to help you come into a healthier balance to ensure you aren’t over indulging, being bleak or stuck in a hopeless state of despair.This card can help a person snap out of it and step into the light and believe in their ability to change or reduce whats keeping them trapped in ‘demonic’ world.

This card is a major sign of change is coming in a whether you like or not kinda of way. It also can be perceived as major ‘ah-ha’ moment a burning thought [lighten bolt] has struck you or something you may need to act on immediately as the fire coming out of the crown/head [chakra] also known as the 3rd eye (intuition). Major changes just shaking you up to the point of burning down the house and starting over. Also stands for receiving shocking news, the un-expected. However if you look at this card deeper the two people falling symbolize feeling a loss of control and that what this card is about or a shedding of old ideas when acting upon something new.

Hopefully by learning about these 3 cards and how they can be interpreted provided you with more insight as to how a reading functions and a general underrating of the card meanings using the imagery. Email me you would like a tarot reading for yourself

5. Crystals are rocks and dassit

  • I can shut down this whole argument by reminding you that you are reading this article on a what? a LCD screen.. A Liquid CRYSTAL Display Screen. Crystals have been powering devices specifically watches since they were discovered by man.
  • In this world you hear a lot about vibration/frequency. The premise is EVERYTHING has an energy signature or aura (e.g people, food, places music, words). Crystal healing works based off the colors and personal signature of the gemstones. Example Rose Quartz extremely popular pink’ish colored crystal known to vibrate love and charge up the heart chakras.  

6. Astrology has no scientific backing.

Does the moon cycles cause the tides to rise? Are human bodies not made of 75% water? Uhh yeah therefore planets in the sky CAN impact us humans here on earth.Your daily horoscope is probably not going to make you believe astrology has truth due to the layers of astrology and the complexity of being human but we will tackle this topic later when I provide a deeper dive into Astrology.Astrology, in its broadest sense, is the search for human meaning in the sky; it seeks to understand general and specific human behavior through the influence of planets and other celestial objects. It has been argued that astrology began as a study as soon as human beings made conscious attempts to measure, record, and predict seasonal changes by reference to astronomical cycles; However, it is a roadmap and living “weather report” of the skies

7. They all cast spells and are into voodoo.

<insert Lil Kim Lyrics> Bzzz Put a hex on the whole family..

But seriously…

  • First of all what is a ‘spell’ if you put onion in your socks to fight a fever – oh my are you casting a spell? If you write on a sage leaf “ i want a new job’ and burn the leaf in a white candle – are you casting a spell? Read the book The 4 Agreements.. What are we taught as youngsters after you learn the alphabet, next you learn to S-P-E-L-L. All words are spells everything we say has a meaning and intent (think about that).
  • Traditional folks who perform ‘magic’ go by various titles; witches, wiccan or Brujas [Spanish for witches].  They exist and more and more people are coming out of the spiritual closet as its current renaissance modern surge of women/people come into witchy gifts – just search for the term on Instagram.
  • Lastly don’t’ think witches are ‘white folks stuff’. What did our ancestors do to help when they literally only had nature at their disposal?  They created concoations and mash-ups to heal the sick, inspire hope, protect and ward off unwanted energy. Also right here in our nation’s capital is a PROUD Witchy Sista who represents being a “5th generational herbalist’ Dr. Sunyatta owner of Calabash Tea & Tonic House – they serve up ‘potions of love light and healing’. If you are in the DC area no excuses go visit her shop 1847 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

8. Psychics aren’t legit:

I was skeptical initially as thoughts of Miss Cleo from my childhood flashed in my mind. What sealed the deal for me was a friend who’s clairvoyant (hears messages from spirits) called me out one evening “He said you had a visitor didn’t you?” The night prior I had dream about my dead father (my friend did not know this). He continued and stated a few sentences but honestly at that point I wasn’t skeptical anymore I was more so trying not to CRY as the messages from my dad was something only EYE would know. I’m sure there are gimmick readers out there, but that’s ANY FIELD quack doctors, lawyers.  It’s important to make sure you vet the person before signing up for a reading but I can vouch that there are legit people with gifts to tap into angels & spirit world.

9. Astrology, tarot, and numerology predict the future; NO NO and NO…

They are tools that notice trends and energy patterns of the world and in people. If this was really a true statement, all the Lotto winners would be from the esoteric world.

10. They are all artsy, writers poet, hippies and happy go lucky people practicing yoga all day..HA!

I wish but they are people with attitudes, people with  “normal” human behavior traits. Actually you be surprised that many take on work the aforementioned fields as part-time or their divination practices are a hobby. Some of the best tarot readings have come from extremely prestigious careers; I’ve met and had spiritual conversations with lawyer’s, neurosurgeon doctor, teachers and other professions.

I hope this article clears up A LOT of ambiguity around these sacred and ancient sciences. Again we are not HOTEP we are not concerned with conspiracy theories  and bringing down the man LOL.

Any questions tweet at me @caplady1225

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