Top Ten Non-Negotiable Thanksgiving Day Foods

Top Ten Non-Negotiable Thanksgiving Day Foods

Cue the music…


Now that we got that out of the way, lets get to this list shall we?

Thanksgiving Day is my favorite holiday and that’s not just because I’m a fat boy.  I love everything about it.

Being around family, football, a nap, then more football, then some pie, then more football, then sleeping (or going to see Backyard play up the Met/Capitale) then waking up Friday to more football of the college variety.

How can you not love that?!?!

But, personally I DON’T love all of the food prepared by our mothers/aunts/grandparents LOL…it is what it is…don’t shoot me!

My taste is more refined (ie: better) than the people that are going to read this article which is why this latest list on #TopTenTuesdays is non-negotiable. Sorry.



10. Sweet Potato pie (preferably cold) – Get that Pumpkin pie mess outta here!!! We set trip in my family….we ONLY do Sweet Potato Pie!  Wreck me….



9. Cranberry Sauce – Some people can’t handle the awesomeness.  I CAN!




8. Mashed Potatoes – Another traditional staple. Not the cheap mess you make for your kids during the week, we talkin’ that Real Deal Holyfield here!




7. Macaroni and Cheese –  It’s funny. Growing up, everybody used to tell me how great my mom’s mac & cheese was but I was never a fan.  It wasn’t until recently, maybe 5/6 years or so that I’ve become a huge fan.  I was late on this train…its OK, its not METRO so I was able to get on and grab a seat.



6. Cherry Pie – The most controversial choice.  Do I care? Absolutely not!  



5. String Beans/Greens – I combined these two because “some families” just don’t know how to properly make collards.  Again, I apologize for your life.




4. Gravy – A core essential.  Shout-out to my brother Kareem for the constant badgering about gravy’s placement in the power rankings.  And we aren’t talking just the garden variety that you can just buy at the grocery store, we are talking about homemade gravy, with the lil pieces of turkey in it…or whatever it takes to make it awesome, I have no idea but I love it…


3. Stuffing – or as some would call it “Cornbread Stuffing”. We are not those people…its just stuffing.  Although very underrated in some aspects, my grandfather (Rest in Paradise) showed the younger me the way many moons ago, as he would indulge with a full plate of stuffing (before anyone else, mind you) before he ate his real Thanksgiving Day plate during the Cowboys game (after 4:oo pm EST).  I understood what he was subtly teaching me and I have used his teachings and sage advice to make me a better man.


2. White Meat Turkey – The backbone of Thanksgiving Day.  I know we got folks who do all this nontraditional mess that purposely leaves out the turkey and I am quite saddened by that.  The most essential “2nd” day meal whether its another plate or sandwiches starts and ends here.


1. Sweet Potatoes – A choice of champions.  In my house growing up, this was the top item in Young Diego’s Power Rankings regardless of holiday.  If my mom was cooking sweet potatoes, then I was there….first.  If this all time classic isn’t #1 in your personal power rankings, then you were deprived of a really good variation or your momma cant cook….sorry for you.



Others receiving votes : Apple pie/cake, any other meat besides ham (not really a fan), more stuffing, warm rolls with butter on top, corn

As always, this list and every list on #TopTenTuesdays are non-negotiable.  You all are free to create your own Top 10 list and post heem in the comments section or your Facebook page, just tag Champagne in The Locker Room so we can roast your list!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



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