Top Ten Modern Era Rap Beef Songs

Top Ten Modern Era Rap Beef Songs

After a week hiatus, we are back with a new installment of #TopTenTuesdays

In all of the fervor of Remy Ma’s internet-breaking diss of Nicki Minaj “ShEther”,  that dropped on Saturday, it got me to thinking….

What are the best beef songs of the modern era?

I specifically wanted to focus on the modern era because there would be songs on this Top Ten list that are pretty much mandatory choices such as this, this, and this as well.

Personally, I LOVE beef records.

Rap, more than any musical genre, is basically a sport.

Are you better than your opponent? Let the bars be the judge.

And as is the case with each and every list, this list is non-negotiable.


10. Royce 5’9″ – Malcolm X

Royce cooked the hell outta fellow Detroit rappers D12 on this one. LOL


9. Kurupt – Callin Out Names

..and that he did.  Kurupt didn’t hold anything back on this one as Ja Rule, Ruff Ryders, DMX and Foxy Brown all felt the wrath of one of the most underrated lyricists ever.


8.  Beanie Sigel – Empire Strikes Back Freestyle

One of the better and forgotten rap feuds was the battle of Beanie Sigel and Jadakiss.  Beanie got off on this one.  Shout out to DJ Envy taggin himself all over this one LOL.


7. 50 Cent – Back Down

As an unabashed Ja Rule hater from Day 1, I relished in the air of anybody cooking that bamma and 50 did just that on this one.


6. Common – The Bitch in Yoo

This barely made the cut for the “modern era” because both guys are still extremely relevant in today’s hip-hop landscape.  Most of America knows Common as the man as he is today – quite possibly the best representation of growth, black pride and self love – for us hip-hoppers.  Us fans from the beginning remember the MC first and foremost who went at Ice Cube with reckless abandon.  He earned a lifetime of respect with this one.


5.  Pusha T – Exodus 23:1

Baked Lil Wayne’s cake right here.

Had Wayne shook off his Twitter Fingers after this dropped.

Looks even worse today because of the subsequent troubles between Wayne and Cash Money Records.


4. (tie) Dr Dre/Snoop – Fuck Wit Dre Day and Easy E – Real Compton City G’s

I had to combine these two gems because its like peanut butter and jelly, the songs are even better when listened back-to-back.  RIP Easy-E.


3.  Jay-Z – Takeover

Kilt my guy Nas man…and residual bullets to my other mans Prodigy.


2. Nas – Ether

Yet sometimes in death, there is resurrection and boy did my guy need that swift kick in the ass to get back on his game again!


1. 2Pac – Hit Em Up

Say what you want about the man, this song had it all.

Funny ass video? Check

Name calling? Check

Cringeworthy bars? Check

Confirmation of rumor that Pac did actuall fuck Faith Evans? Check

Epic rant at the end that adds more fuel to the fire? Check

Miss that dude.  RIP Pac.



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