Top Ten Non-Negotiable Songs of 2016

Top Ten Non-Negotiable Songs of 2016

Welcome to our latest installment of #TopTenTuesdays

Last week’s installment The Top Ten Christmas Songs of All Time  got me roasted by a lot of people.  So what tho! LOL

A sincere thank you to everyone who shares/commented and bookmarked the site because of it!

Today, I present to you, the very best songs of 2016.

Remember, as with every #TopTenTuesdays posting, this list is indeed non-negotiable.


10. Ab Soul – D.R.U.G.S.
This is a newer entry because the album just stopped last week, but I love this damn song. Helluva project from one of the underrated members of Black Hippy.


9. Lukas Graham – 7 Years
Down year in Pop/99.5 music for myself but this was my jam here.


8. Rihanna – Needed Me

I had to choose between this or Work and I chose this because I’m tired of hearing Work. Usually I HATE a bunch of random curse words in R&B music, but her fine ass pulled it off and I don’t care nary one bit! Keep cussin boo!


7. Bruno Mars – 24K Magic

Bruno dropped a classic here. 80’s R&B-inspired and hella fun! One of the coolest videos in a while too.


6. Boogie – Nigga Needs

Shout out to Rihanna’s IG Account for puttin me on to this cat. I had never heard of him until I googled the song and he seems to have a pretty large following on the west coast. This song/video is amazing and his mixtape “Thirst 48 Part II” is a solid release from this underground artist.


5. Big Baby D.R.A.M. – Cash Machine

I can’t WAIT till more people catch on to D.R.A.M. and his music. This here is a cranker! Dudes out here having fun with the music and I ain’t mad at em.


4. Future – Wicked

Who cares if 90% of the listening public cant decipher the words, its rockin…and it gets the people goin! #FutureHive


3. Anderson.Paak – Come Down

Anderson.Paak is by far my favorite artist in the game today. I could have chose a myriad of songs but I chose this one simply because at the Roots Picnic in Philadelphia, I danced like hell to this LOL.


2. Chance The Rapper – Summer Friends

My favorite track on my favorite album of the year. Great message as it is with most of Chance’s music.


1. Rae Sremurd – Black Beatles

Was there any doubt? I’m no fuddy duddy, let these youngins cook!


* Editor’s Note: Please be so kind to add to this list below. Comment and subscribe. Cheers!!

* Editor’s Note Part II: I know Formation SHOULD be on this list, but I’m a man and Beyonce (no matter how talented she is) doesn’t make music for male listeners.  Just the facts, Ma’am



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