Trainer Tuesday With Bill Walker

Trainer Tuesday With Bill Walker



I have been selected  to be the premier trainer for Trainer Tuesday at the mighty Balance Gym on their Instagram Story. You can follow them at @balancegym and view their story.  I’ve been working to gather some “epic faking” for this.  I plan on doing my part to make it the most electrifying series in sports entertainment.

How did this come about?  Well we have what’s called “Trainer Tuesdays.”  There, we showcase a trainer the whole day.  I would watch it and be like “One day, I’m going to be on there and be poppin.”   Well on Friday, they hit me up and ask if I wanted to do it. Initially, I was reluctant as I my Tuesdays are not that busy, and I don’t have as many clients as I like at the moment.  However (and there’s a message in this), I have a number of rich experiences and I’m very creative so I’m going to upload previous content.  Basically the goal is to have a documentary.  In life, you have to use what strengths you do have and make it work. Learn to make the opponent fight your battle vs the other way around.  I was inspired by the Will Smith story of how he did Fresh Prince and just went ahead and said yes. I’m pretty excited about what I’ll be able to come up with.

I’m going to upload past content, work with the youth, past clients, talk, and showcase our open house and cookout tomorrow from 4-7 at our D St location. Balance Gym 214 D st. SE. Come through and win some prizes, and work out for free.  You can hit up a workout class, lift, or spin our mysterious prize wheel.


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Previously…on #Xmen "From #Tuesday he arrived." TUESDAY. TUESDAY. TUESDAY. Got some electrifying entertainment planned for you. Make sure you are tuned in to the world's greatest @balancegym for tuesday as we guest star…! Your friendly neighborhood action hero and #Beardgod of strength and excellence. Cool story inspired by @willsmith. I didn't think I was ready or poppin enough yet but fortune only favors the brave and just like how Will Smith just jumped in for Fresh Prince, I'm doing the same for Trainer Tuesday. Going to try to make it the best thing you've ever seen. We're going to go to Downtown Valhalla on 14th and L/green then back to Midtown Midgard aka Cap Hill and also show you our open house and cook out on 214 D st. Se. That whole day I'm going to put in some dope footage like how I work out, client highlights, story time, anecdotes, and even give you the epic origin story of how I started. There will be Millions…and MILLIONS OF gems here. So stay tuned. I'll also be wearing a cool shirt. Stay tuned for Tuesday. ✊✊✊✊ Follow @balancegym for the show. #zuluwarrior #melanin #melaningang #crossfit #weightlifting #olymakesyouswoly #mutant #inhuman #core #abs #gymnastics #bodybuilding #repyosetcuh #culture #wakanda #blackpanther #tchalla

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To learn about the Will Smith story, click here

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