What to Make of the Washington Redskins So Far in 2016

What to Make of the Washington Redskins So Far in 2016

What to make of the Washington Redskins? Hmmm…good question.

After seven games, they are basically the team that I’ve thought they would be, above average.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing considering the talent level on the roster, especially on the defense.  

Going into the season most sane fans thought this team currently constructed would be able to put up points in any given week but because of our porous defense, we would give up just as many or more.  That has proven to be a fact even as the defense as a whole has improved somewhat each week.  The talent in the defensive line and unimaginative playcalling by defensive coordinator Joe Barry leaves fans grasping and swinging at air like Tre Styles in Boyz in the Hood.


When Skins fans watch the defensive line  unsuccessfully generate any pass rush, even with a blitz.


See, being the man that I am, I had my brain already prepared for this, so I’m not overly pissed off as most fans are right now at the 4-3 record.  In actuality, we should be happy at the record because that’s exactly where we should be after seven games.  The Skins blew the Cowboys game because we are the Skins, stole the Giants game because we are the Skins and had a victory snatched away from Matthew Stafford and the Lions on Sunday because we are the Skins.  Anybody who honestly expected anything less than a heartbreaking last-second dagger of a drive….well you know.

DC sports…

Matt Jones, while showing flashes in his second season, continues to cough up the rock at the worst times.

Jordan Reed is out again.

Pierre Garcon has been rendered a non-factor just like Desean Jackson for some strange reason.

One bright spot has been the play of my guy Jamison Crowder aka “The Reason I Didn’t Want To Draft A Receiver With Our First Round Draft Pick When We Had So Many Other Holes  to Fill on the Roster”.  This kid has been tremendous since the day he put on a Skins uniform.  He’s been a dynamo in the return game and has been solid as hell in the passing game and quietly has become a security blanket of such for Kirk Cousins.

Defensively, where do I start….hmmmm Josh Norman I guess…he’s better than people give him credit IMHO.  In a passing league, opposing players are going to catch passes and cornerbacks are going to give up touchdowns, that’s just a fact.  After watching him play six and 1/2 games up close, I have to give him a ton of credit, the kid can play.  When factoring in the lack of pass rush, he’s had to do more than typical good corners on good defenses have to do on a down-by-down basis.  Sure we could have used that money and shored up the lines or whatever, but the check has been signed so here we are, and he’s lived up to the billing so far.  I hope he’s cleared to play in London next week because we fuckin need him.  Purrid.

The only other defenders what have played worth a crap this season in my eyes have been Trent Murphy and Ryan Kerrigan.  Everybody else has been either really average or complete non-factors.

Where in the hell is Preston Smith? I’m looking for him.

Going on through the rest of the season, I’m not expecting to be super surprised with anything that can, and will, transpire with this team.

Playoff team? Maybe, sure I guess…

Complete implosion….possible….

Extended run of success…again, possible…

So many preseason questions still unanswered…funny how life is sometimes.




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